TBR DM Announcements

Friday, 18 March 2011  |  Race Announcements

2 Days to Go to our TBR Dream Marathon at NUVALI!

Do you want the good or the bad news first? Let’s go with the bad because it’s much shorter than all the good…


We regret to inform you that HAMMER GELS will not be available during the race. Unfortunately, Hammer’s shipment of stocks was delayed and all parties were only informed this noon.  Apologies for the mishap.

The good news is that, when the stocks arrive, you will still receive the 3 Hammer Gels that we promised. We will be providing another brand of gel at Key Stations. Limited supply only.


We’re highlighting below what you can expect from TBR Dream Marathon this Sunday:

  1. Kinesio Taping. Certified Kinesio tapers will be available at the start and during the race to apply Kinesio Tex on runners.
  2. Entertainment. After 21km, we’ll have a band playing at Solenad to keep you energized throughout each kilometer. We’ll also have a mobile playing at the major turnaround.
  3. Hydration Stations. We’ll have water stations every 1.5-2 km. Gatorade stations every 1.5-2 km too.
  4. Aid stations won’t just have band aid. We’ll have Aid Stations at every 3-4km (beside Hydration Stations) which will provide the following: Basic first aid kit, Petroleum jelly, Tiger Tail Foam Rollers sponsored by Chris Sports to loosen up tight muscles, and Bodivance for increase blood flow to be applied by Bodivance therapists in selected Aid Stations
  5. Key Stations. There will be Key Stations along the route which will provide the following: Bananas, Cadbury Zip chocolates, Sponges and Ice
  6. Dream Chasers. We have Dream Chasers—volunteer runners to support and encourage you along the route. We will have 3 stations with 10-14 runners in each tent. This year, Dream Chasers will be decorating their own tents to make it fun, unique, and special for all of you. One tent will photograph runners and upload the images real time unto Facebook!  Click HERE to be a member of the newly created Facebook Page.
  7. Dream Mobile. Families and friends can hop on a van that will take them around the course and cheer for you!
  8. Flags and Poster-making. We’ve got art materials ready for your families and friends, especially the kiddos, to create flags and banners especially for you.
  9. Free Starbucks for all. Starbucks VIA™ ready brew coffee will be served for free. You can also get free samples sticks of VIA™.  Both for spectators and runners.
  10. Free post-race massage. Omron will provide massage therapists after the race to soothe sore and tired muscles.
  11. Loot, loot and more loot. Each finisher will receive a loot bag loaded with food, mineral water, P&G, Gatorade, and Milo 3-in-1, Nutribar products, and other items.
  12. Cold towel and Gatorade. Once you cross the finish line, a matador (no Bull!) will provide you with a cold towel and chilled Gatorade to cool you down.
  13. Free Photovendo Pics. Photovendo will shoot photos of you during the race.  They will also have a booth where you can show off your medals and ham it up with friends and family.  All photos will be available for download for free after the race.
  14. Free showers. Don’t go home sticky and sweaty.  There will be showers available if you want to freshen up before your drive home.
  15. Finisher’s Shirt. You will receive a high-quality New Balance branded Finisher’s Shirt.
  16. Finisher’s Medal. Get your hands on the first unique and colored TBR Dream Marathon medal. Now where have you seen a medal like that locally?  And last but not the least…
  17. Positive atmosphere and vibe. You’ll be surrounded by happiness, good cheer, and support from everyone around you.  We are all here to support our runners whether you come in first or last, you run fast or slow, or you are looking exhausted at 35km or smiling all the way until the end.  At TBR Dream, everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner.

Thank you once again to our generous sponsors.  Our partner: NUVALI. Our Co-Presenters: New Balance and Cherifer Premium.  Our Major Sponsors: Secondwind, Gatorade, Runrio, Photovendo. Our Minor Sponsors: Timex, ROX, Nathan, P&G, Omron, Thermos, Hammer Nutrition, Robinsons Supermarket, Forward Lean Running, Nutribar, Milo 3-in-1, Chris Sports, Starbucks, Kinesio Tex, Cadbury Zip, Health Food, Tiger Biscuits.  Our Hotel Partners: El Cielito, Paseo Premiere.  Our Media Partners: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Runner’s World. Our Logistic Partner: Creative Juice.