The Edsa Run

Wednesday, 2 March 2011  |  Race Reports

It was a double run weekend for me.  We had our long slow 30k run with TBR Dream Marathoners on Saturday, then I signed up for a hilly 10k race on Sunday: The Edsa Run.  Of course, I couldn’t miss this for the world.  And, I am so glad I didn’t.  It was one fun yet challenging race!

The Edsa Run started near the People Power Monument, not very far from the area where I had stood on EDSA as a 10 year old wearing my yellow Laban styrofoam hat and yellow shirt with my older brothers and sisters.  25 years ago, I knew I was there to make a stand against the dictatorship and for People Power (serious stuff for a 10 year old!), but I also had a grand time devouring fish balls and dirty ice cream along the way.

– February 1986: My three older brothers and my sister –

When the gun went off, it was surreal to start off the race running on Edsa in the dark along with all the other runners in yellow.  For a moment, I forgot I was in a race and I felt like I was tossed back in time making a stand for the country once again—only this time for education.

There were buses and cars everywhere, but it was managed well.  I guess you can never expect an Edsa Run to be completely vehicle free.  We ran past Robinsons Galleria and down towards Ortigas.  The downhills were a blast.  I thought I was going fast enough, but I noticed a lot of runners overtake me here.  I guess I’m still pretty conservative after all.

From Ortigas, we went towards Greenmeadows and E. Rodriguez then back up again towards Temple Drive.  Oh boy, it was a killer route.  The ascents were long and lung-busting, especially the ascent by Christ the King Church where I said a silent prayer for God to help me survive the climb!

The highlight of the run was the confetti that dropped from a crane at the corner of Temple Drive.  It was a nice touch for runners to remember People Power by.  I contemplated on running under it, having the confetti drop on my head as I jumped up and down yelling “Laban Kami!” but, after realizing I could slip and sprain my ankle plus lose a chunk of time doing this, I decided otherwise.

I crossed the finish line at 53 min and 10 sec. according to my Garmin.  Average pace was 5:16/km.  4th Place for Female category.

Greeting runners at the finish were fellow iamNinoy members and very good friends.  It was so nice to see all of us together again.  It wasn’t that bad to see Phil Younghusband and the rest of the Azkals there, too!

– Loved seeing these guys at the finish line! –

– with Maricel, Mimi, and Nina. Photo courtesy of Jordana Queddeng –

Watch this great video of The Edsa Run by Jake de Guzman. Hilarious and touching at the same time. I’m an extra near the end…hah!

Congrats to iamNinoy Runners especially Jamike and Mayi Lopa and ExTribe for a successful event!