Holy Week Training

Saturday, 23 April 2011  |  Running + Triathlon

As long as we fulfill our religious duties, we can use our free time this Holy Week to train, rest, and train. Well, that’s what I’ve done the past few days.

This morning, we got a good group together for a long 25k run that turned into a shorter 14k run. I felt ill at 12k and started walking. Despite my telling them to go ahead and run, they walked (and chatted) along with me for the last kilometer. That’s what running friends are for!

After the run, Adel—who asked me to bring my bike—adjusted it for me. With the bike seat much higher than I’m used to, they all proceeded to teach me how to mount and dismount properly without embarrassing myself. Now, that’s what triathlon friends are for!


– Adel, Bic, Jay, Jun, Mariel, and Jake all help to adjust my bike. Thank guys! –

– Adel and Jake teach me (with ┬ámuch patience) how to mount and dismount –

Happy Easter to all. Shall I run or bike tomorrow? Hmm…