Nike Free Run+ 2

Tuesday, 26 April 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

Nike Frees. Aaah. Just thinking of them makes my heart skip a beat. I’ve been in love with this shoe from day one. They can change its color and modify a few elements with every update, but I never ever tire of them.  My various pairs (and I have over five—teehee) have been with me everywhere from malls to marathons.

Nike Frees are meant for running, really.  But, I’ll tell you a little secret.  I’ve only used mine less than a handful of times for training. While I would love to practice minimalist running more often, I prefer to use my tried-and-tested training shoes and I have little time for any experimentation with my feet.  My training sched is pretty much consistent: mile repeats on Tuesday, hills or tempo on Thursday, 10k run on Saturday, long slow run on Sundays.  I can’t figure out how to squeeze a 3 to 5k barefoot/minimalist run in the mix.

I use my Nike Frees regularly though.  These are my walking/ shopping/ travel/ chase-after-the-kids shoe of choice.  If there was a Favorite Running Shoe Even When You’re Not Running Award, the Nike Free would win it for me hands down. They’re light, comfortable, soft, and super easy to wear. I wear barely seen socks (although good friend Drew Arellano said I shouldn’t ever wear any!), slip into them quickly, and leave the house in no time.

I found this little piece in my Inbox today.  New models of Nike Free Run+2 are out this summer!  Turning cartwheels already.

Nike Free Run+ 2 (Men's B)
– Nike Free Run+ 2 for Men –

Nike Free Run+ 2 (Women's B)
– Nike Free Run+ 2 for Women. Love! –

Nike Free Run+ 2 is available in Nike stores now.

8.9 ounces in a men’s size 10
7.2 ounces in a women’s size 8

SRP: P4,795


Nike Free Run+ 2
Nike Free+ 2 creates an innovative new approach to upper construction that mimics the underlying architecture of the foot to deliver a unique blend of barefoot-like freedom and shoe-like running. The midsole features high-resolution siping based on Nike’s latest Nike Free learnings and promotes an incredibly smooth, naturally neutral ride. Nike Free+ 2 is the perfect entry point for runners who are looking for a more minimal, barefoot-like experience without sacrificing the cushioning, protection, and traction benefits of a running shoe.

Ideal if you’re a runner who wants the strengthening and natural gait management benefits associated with barefoot training, but also need the cushioning, traction and underfoot protection of a shoe.

The unique upper design of the Nike Free Run+2 shoe was inspired by the anatomy of the foot, in which seemingly delicate bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles are interconnected in a remarkable lattice work that enables the foot to support an enormous amount of impact and pressure. Similarly, the multi-layered upper design of Nike Free Run+ 2 features minimal overlays that allow for a much wider range of motion than would be possible in a conventional running shoe, yet those layers are also sufficiently robust to provide the support runners need.