Bohol: Beaches and Bummer Injuries

Sunday, 5 June 2011  |  Bullish Insights

Bohol was fantastic. We spent four full days completely immersed in the beauty of Bohol: its beaches, food, and people.

– We stayed at Amorita Resort. We had a pleasant stay but the absence of a nice beach front, lap pool, and a gym was an issue for this bull –

– with the in laws and kids. We were a huge group of 30 –

– kids playing around with the scenic view behind them –

Being our first time in Bohol, we toured the province…

1) We dropped by the blood compact monument,


2) huddled over those cute little tarsiers…


Little Miss Bull Runner brought home two of them and tucked them into bed. Meet Mitty and Nitty…


3) patiently waited for dolphins and spotted them!

4) hung out at Balicasag Island and swam with the fish and fed them at a nearby marine sanctuary…

5) ooohed and aaaahed over those amazing chocolate hills that weren’t all that chocolatey at that time…and,

Chocolate Hills

5) just spent a lot of time swimming and bonding at Amorita Resort.


I also had a wonderful dinner with Congressman Arthur Yap of the 3rd district of Bohol—a family friend who proudly declares that he carried me as a baby and even changed my diapers!—and his friends at a beautiful, homey resort called Ananyana…

– with Dato and Cacai Arroyo, Pael and Christine Romualdez, Cong. Arthur Yap, Emma (owner of Ananyana), and hubby and I –

After telling Arthur about my foot injury which kept me from running and my desperate need for a pool, he was kind enough to make arrangements for me to swim at Eskaya Resort. I dropped by the following evening to view an infinity pool surrounded by candles—get this—all to myself! My jaw dropped as I dropped my goggles and swim cap on the floor. It was beautiful! I lost myself in the stillness and silence of the serene waters that evening.  I swam the best 1.3km here.

Eskaya Pool
– I fell in love with this pool! I must return! (Photo courtesy of –

Unfortunately, with all the fun activities, my foot injury went from bad to worse. By the last day, I could barely walk. I stayed in our room with my swollen foot elevated and countless orders for ice and room service. By the time I departed for Manila this morning, I was in major pain. This is me in the Bohol airport flashing the fakest smile ever ready to get an xray as soon as our plane landed in Manila…


If and when I return to Bohol, I made a mental note to do the following:

1) Come back uninjured
2) Run in the man-made forest
3) Run around Balicasag Island in Nike Frees or Evo Barefoot shoes
4) Stay at Ananyana or Eskaya