Day 6: TBR 30 Eat Right Challenge

Wednesday, 6 July 2011  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

Wow. I had humble expectations for this group. I wasn’t sure how many of you were willing to eat right with me for a full month. But, it turns out that a lot of us—99 as of the moment (including myself and the “shy” TBR 30 participants who emailed or texted me about the participation instead of posting)—really want to eat healthy, but we just need something or someone to jumpstart it for us.

I realized many of us WANT to do it but still need some guidance on HOW to eat properly. So, I’ll try to interview nutritionists and experts and post them here. First interviewee will be the one I bug about my eating the most: MITCH FELIPE-MENDOZA. Expect that in a few days.

So, how have you all been doing the past 6 days? I hope you’ve been sticking to a super healthy and wholesome eating regimen. If you’ve slipped (like I did two days ago) then don’t be too hard on yourself (food is good after all!) and just do better in the next meal.

Here’s something I’d like us all to remember. It’s said so often but we need constant reminding especially when treats and junk are staring us in the face…


So, who’s the reader out there who wants to be the 100th participant of TBR 30? You can still sign in and join us.

Happy and healthy eating to all!