Ingredients for a Perfect Comeback Run

Saturday, 9 July 2011  |  Bullish Insights

Here’s my homemade recipe for a perfect comeback run from injury as successfully produced this morning at 5:30 AM:


1 old CD of Brand New Heavies (Brother Sister) enroute to meeting area
1 cup pre-run Lavazza coffee
1 pre-run banana with Skippy’s peanut butter
2 best running buddies
6 kilometers at easy 6:40 pace on flat roads with 10:1 min intervals of run:walk
drizzle of rain
dash of humor
0 pain


Whip this all up together to get a perfect comeback run leading to full recovery.

That’s what I successfully cooked up this morning! Yup, Morton Shmorton Neuroma is out of this house after 1.5 months as uninvited house guest. ¬†Woohoo, it feels great to be back! ¬†See you on the road, guys!