Inspired by Hope

Monday, 18 July 2011  |  Bullish Insights

I ran 15k yesterday, the longest distance I’ve covered the past couple of months since Morton Schmorton Neuroma attacked my little toes.

Wow. I was over the moon about hitting the road once again in such pristine weather conditions and among a fantastic group of running friends. Friends would often ask throughout the run: How’s the foot doing? And, I would reply with a smile: Good. Doing fine.

To be honest though, I carried a bit of weight while we were running. Uhm, yes, I still haven’t lost the extra weight I’m lugging around (grrr). But, there was a heavy burden upon my shoulders that my friends weren’t privy to (until now.)

I was a bit worried. Okay, that’s not being honest. I was awfully pissed.

While I could run easy, I was still frustrated that I could’t run exactly the way I wanted to, the way I used to in the past. There was still slight discomfort and my legs didn’t feel like they were back in full fighting form. I know, I know. I should be patient. Things won’t change overnight. But, still, frustration did set in. In my head, I thought: Why can’t I run the pace I want to yet? When will I be able to do so? How much longer must I wait? Aack, the bull in me was raging.

Good thing I stumbled upon this video of Hope Solo, the goalie of the US Women’s Soccer team (who lost to Japan a few hours ago. Sob sob!). In the video, she talks about her shoulder injury: I was nowhere close to where I needed to be…Could I handle the pain? Could I forget about the pain and get through training? Wow, I could completely relate. And, watching her nurse herself back from injury and get back into the game again just gave me…hope! (Pun intended)