What Do You Take for Granted?

Monday, 11 July 2011  |  Bullish Insights

– In Corregidor. Photo courtesy of Levi Lakandula –

It could be the sun on your face
The beauty of a dawning day
The birds taking flight
Or your dog happily wagging his tail.

It could be the shoes on your feet
The gas in your tank
The warm water in the tub
Or the last bite to eat that you dumped in the trash.

It could be your partner’s smile
His driving you to work this early
Her packing you a turkey sandwich
Or the kiss goodbye.

It could be the opportunity to run
The pounding of your feet on the road
The feeling of power and serenity at once
Or the chance to connect with your best self.

It could be the freedom to race
The adrenaline rush
The mingling of sweat and tears
Or the fulfillment of crossing the finish.

Don’t wait…
For the rain to keep the sun from shining
For hunger to attack
For loved ones to leave
Or for injuries to arise.

Take nothing for granted.
Take notice. Now.