Out Running

Friday, 12 August 2011  |  Running + Triathlon


You know how some of these running shops have this cool sign “Out Running” displayed on their doors when no staff is in sight.  Well, I took the liberty to make my own for TBR.  See above.  (Yes, I still have a lot of time to design completely useless stuff for your entertainment.)

You see, I spent most of the week catching up on lost time with my beloved running.  After two months of sorely missing my free, painless runs when I had Morton’s Neuroma, and now that I am fully recovered (woohoo!) and completely stoked over my NYC Training, I ran almost everyday of this week: Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I ran a 10k Tempo yesterday (which I hadn’t done in months and I was panting like a dying dog out there but I loved every minute!) and I have a  29k long run pencilled in for tomorrow.

One of my friends told me last night after seeing me run: It was so nice to see you running strong again.  I only have one thing to reply: Oh baby, it feels great to be back!

Disclaimer: To the beginners, do not run daily as I did! Hah!  I really only run 4x a week to allocate time for recovery and to avoid injury.  I just HAD to run this often this week because I missed it too much.  Be back to my regular training program next week.  Be good!