TBR 30: Eat Right Challenge Continues…

Tuesday, 2 August 2011  |  Healthy Food + Recipes


So our 30 day challenge ended two days ago. How did you fare?

As for my 30 days, I was eating properly probably 90% of the time. Admittedly, there were times when I couldn’t resist temptation or I just completely forgot about my commitment to eat properly.  Whoops. (Apologies for failing to remind you too since life got busy busy busy. I know you know that this was a commitment to yourself that you were responsible for anyway!) But, I also remembered not to be too hard on myself. That 90% of the time I was being good and that already made a huge difference in my health. That life also was meant to be lived and celebrated and that included tasting—not fully indulging—in some of the not so healthy stuff every once in a while.

While I congratulate all of us for reaching 30 days—did you?!—I also would like to remind you that the 30 days was only the beginning. Shouldn’t we all live healthier lives, uhm, forever?

Let’s try the TBR 30 again next time.  Maybe closer to Christmas.  By this time, I’ll try to get more support and help from friends.  Until then!