And the Winner of the Nail-less Toe Contest is…

Friday, 2 September 2011  |  Bullish Insights

Thank you to all 83 runners who joined the contest and risked losing their appetites to stare at my toes.

This was, by far, the silliest/ dumbest/ grossest post I’ve ever published so far. But, it did bring some laughter into my day which was sorely needed, especially after my exhausting 10k tempo run last night in the rain.

Before I announce the winner, allow me to reply to some comments:

RIZZA: I’m torn between numbers 1 and 10 because they are both matte. the others are glossy so i assume they have nails. i really analyzed it, huh? haha! okay, i go for number 1. =)

Me: Rizza, you are hilarious…and may I say, a nail conosseiur if there’s such a thing. We should spend a day in the nail spa together painting our nail-less toes.

HASTE: This is the longest time I actually looked at another person’s feet. My answer is toe #8.

Me: This is a bad thing since it was my feet. Sorry for ruining your day, Haste, haha.

JAN: I rarely comment on your blog but this one is an exception. Your toes are indeed ugly. Did running do that? It’s a good thing you’re pretty and we always see you in running shoes. My wife also runs but her toes still look ok. Anyway, I really don’t want to join your gross contest but since you already got me to comment, I choose no. 7.

Me: My feet have been ugly since birth and running just made it slightly worse.  Thank you for the compliment (even if it was uhm backhanded) and thank you for joining my contest (even if you found it gross. No worries. I felt the same).  This was a post done in jest to make light of all matters. Dead toe nails. Stress fractures. Stress at work. We all have our problems but we all need to laugh sometimes too. Try it.

And now for the great reveal…

The question was: Which one was the nail-less toe?

Answer: No. 8

Wow, so many of you were fooled by Number 7 huh? That one is just about to die so you were kinda advanced in your prediction. hah!

As for the rules of the game, winner was to be the 20th correct commenter. Out of 83 comments, can you believe only 9 guessed the right nail-less toe which was…drumroll please…number 8? (Remind me to give the lady who gave me the pedicure extra tip)

So, to stick to the rule, I’ll be awarding the commenter who was closest to the 20 and this would be the last commenter…

Congratulations to CARLOS ALFONSO ARITAO (REVISED 3 PM, 2 SEPT 2011) for guessing the right nail-less toe and winning P1,000 worth of gift certificates from Chris Sports and P1,000 worth of gift certificates from Runnr. I’ll be emailing you regarding claiming of the prize.  (Note: Previously announced winner KRISTIN submitted her comment after the contest period and was thus disqualified)