Guess the Nail-less Toe Contest

Thursday, 1 September 2011  |  Bullish Insights

So I got a pedicure yesterday…and it inspired me to create this post on my toes. (Yes, I know they’re ugly but luckily I don’t really care what most people think.)


Before we begin our contest, I’d like to share some trivia on my toes (It won’t change the world or your life, but it may entertain you for a minute or two):

  1. Gray is a favorite polish color.  Why?  Because I read in a past issue of InStyle that gray is the top selling nail polish color in Boston.  Methinks if I wear this color more often I may have more chances of getting into Boston Marathon in this or the next lifetime.
  2. I never ever used to get my nails colored or even cleaned before I started running.  I think it’s such a waste of time.  But, with my terribly ugly feet and dead toe nails, I think it’s a must if I want to wear flip flops without being ostracized by friends.
  3. Whenever a dead toe nail falls off (and this happens often), I present it to the kids and they squeal in terror.  Then, I chase after them with the toenail all over the bedroom.  (Crazy mommy, I know.)
  4. I got my injury between #3 and #4 toes.  Since then, even if the pain is gone, I can’t even see the veins anymore when I wiggle my toes back and forth.
  5. My bunions are getting bigger.  I worry that I may have to have them fixed soon.  My greatest fear isn’t surgery; it’s the number of days I won’t be able to run.
  6. When I run New York City Marathon, I’ll paint R-U-N-N-Y-C-4-2 on my toe nails.  Cool huh?  Got that idea from Dara Torres.
Thank you for reading through this senseless post.  As a reward, you get the chance to participate in this even sillier Guess the Nail-less Toe Contest.  See below for directions:
  • See photo above.
  • One toe actually has no toenail.  I fooled you there huh?!  I had them paint over the skin instead.
  • Can you guess which toe has no nail? 
  • Submit your answer by commenting below.  Just write the NUMBER of the toe which you think has no nail.
  • Only one answer per reader.  Submission of more than one entry will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Contest will end by 11:59 PM, Sept. 1, 2011
  • The 20th correct commenter will win the prize.
  • Comments will not be published.  Do not follow up.  All comments will appear on Sept. 2, 2011 together with announcement of the winner.

The winner wins: P1,000 worth of Chris Sports Gift Certificates and P1,000 worth of Runnr Gift Certificates.