On Running Shoes: Win a Pair

Wednesday, 14 September 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

Care to win one of the newest and coolest running shoes in town? It’s called On Running Shoes brought to us by Chris Sports…



On Running Shoes builds on the idea that our regular running shoes doesn’t really protect us from injury. They claim that horizontal impact causes injuries and running shoes in the market today only absorbs vertical impact.

Enter On Running shoes. Designed by a Swiss engineer, On has CloudTec, 13 circular rubber elements on the sole of the shoe which absorbs both vertical and horizontal shock which they say allows you to run as if you were on clouds and lets you push off as if you were on concrete. This technology, they say, benefits all runners: top athletes can train longer and more often, because the muscles are less strained, and beginner or recreational runners can run injury- and pain-free. To add, since there’s less fatigue, they even run faster and longer.

– On Running Shoes: Cloud Surfer –



Last month, Chris Sports gave me a pair of On Cloudsurfer to road test. From its website, here’s how they describe the On Cloudsurfer:

Fast feels good. The Cloudsurfer fires your run. Equipped with On’s patented CloudTec™ 3D cushioning system, the Cloudsurfer remains light, agile and transfers energy into forward momentum. Run light and fast.

The Cloudsurfer is made to perform in training runs as well as in competitions. The CloudTec™ system is engineered to provide the best of both worlds: cushioning on impact and speed on push-off.

I’ve used it for three 10k runs and will post a detailed review when I test it beyond 15km.


One of the most credible endorsers of On is Olivier Bernhard, a professional triathlete from Switzerland, three-time World Champion and six time Ironman winner, who swears by the shoe. Chris Sports will be flying in Olivier early next year for a series of tri camps and running talks and clinics. Visit this blog for exact schedule to be released soon.

View this video to learn more about him. I love how often he tells us how much he loves running.


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Website: On Running Shoes