3 More Benefits to Being a TBR Dream Marathoner

Friday, 28 October 2011  |  Bullish Insights

Aaah, the many benefits of being a TBR Dream Marathoner. We work hard to give our runners these privileges because we know they’ll work hard to finish their 42km come marathon day. Right guys?

Allow me to share details of being a TBR Dream Marathoner. To those registered, please avail of these especially if you wish to sign in for any of them:


All our runners received the TBR Dream Card in their Registration Kit.


The benefits and privileges are listed below.

Runners, please click TBR DREAM CARD BENEFITS 2012 to download full details of discounts (validity period, branches, etc).

  • NATHAN: 15% discount on Nathan products at ROX
  • NEW BALANCE: 20% discount on all regular priced New Balance items
  • CHRIS SPORTS: 10% off on regular priced items
  • BROTHERS BURGER: 10% discount on all food purchase for every minimum purchase of P500.00 and 20% discount on all food purchase for every minimum purchase of P500.00 for dine in or take out between 2pm to 6pm every Mondays to Fridays


100 lucky TBR Dream Marathoners will receive FREE consultation and personalized instruction with fitness couple Armand and Mitch Mendoza. While they usually charge for their services, they’ve waived all fees just for us. They will meet with the 100 runners once a month for weigh ins, discussions on diet, nutrition, and more.

50 slots were taken up during onsite registration during the last Bull Circle. We are opening 50 more slots for online registration. This is only for registered participants of TBR Dream Marathon 2012.

Are you interested?  Click on the link below to sign up.  First come, first served basis only.



One of the members of TBR Dream Team, our organizing committee, and head coach of our Bull Sessions is Coach Lit Onrubia, Chi Running instructor. He will be offering Chi Running Workshops exclusively for TBR Dream Marathoners at a discounted rate of P1,200 (regular fee is P2500).

What is Chi Running?
Chi Running is a revolutionary running technique developed by Danny Dreyer that focuses on energy efficiency (through “focused relaxation”) and injury prevention (through proper alignment and balance). Chi Running emphasizes that the correct running form is the foundation for longer, faster, effortless and pain-free running.

What is the format of the Chi Running Workshop?
The Workshop will be a 3-hr session, specifically targeting the areas you need to develop for The Dream Marathon. We will discuss correct posture and balance, the advantages of having a slight forward lean, how to relax the feet and ankles, cadence, breathing techniques, how to tackle uphills and downhills, mental strength, racing strategy and several other topics. The session includes a few kilometers of running so please wear your running outfit.

How will Chi Running help me while training for TBR Dream Marathon?
We will analyze your form and correct the flaws in your biomechanics (if any). With the Chi Running principles, you will understand how to run more efficiently and safely as you pile on high mileage in training. All this will translate into less fatigue, faster time and greater confidence during your marathon because you’ll have the tools to allow YOU to control your race instead of letting the race control you.

Chi Running Workshop for TBR Dream Runners
Dates: November 15 OR 24, 2011 (choose one)
Time: 630 to 930 PM
Venue: Colegio de San Agustin Indoor Track
Participants: Max of 20 TBR Dream Runners
Fee: P1,200 (Regular price is P2,500)

How to register: Call the hotlines to make a reservation: +63915.638.5801 or +632.507.4507. Or email Ina Buan: ina.buan@forwardleanrunning.com. Slots are on a first come, first served basis.

For more info: click HERE to access Forward Lean Running website

Download: Chi Running Workshop FAQ for TBRDM