And the Winners for the Adobo Run Race Kits Are…

Wednesday, 26 October 2011  |  Bullish Insights

Man, something must be wrong with me.  I chose these winners as soon as I spotted the words: TOILET, FART, BONGGACIOUS, and TIKBALANG in their answers.  Just goes to show the kind of humor I have!

Congratulations to our winners below!  (Remember I said we’ll have 3 winners winning 2 race kits each in THIS post?  Correction: I’m getting 4 winners to win 2 race kits each instead!

And the winners are:

  1. TOEL – whew! rule #10 made me join this contest. what a relief because i guess i can’t muster enough courage to wear this costume yet it would have been really funny!!!
  2. JOEY – It’s called Fart-O-Meter…well it may not be the most enviable job, but surely it will cause riots with your friends and family. The Fart-O-Meter costume includes: tunic with hose and humorous meter print, and gas mask. Try to put this on and you have a very one of a kind costume. Happy Halloween!
  3. RIKKI SUAREZ – My running monicker is RunningInDrag, the very pseudonym I use in running forums. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to run in one since I have yet to procure a bonggacious outfit. Nevertheless it is one of my dreamed running moment, to be able to run in the most glamorous, avant garde, mardi gras outfit that can rival those worn in Rio!
  4. JAYMAR – A running “TIKBALANG” or petrang kabayo. would be an eye-catcher. Pinoy na pinoy at initimidating dahil mabilis ang kabayo tumakbo. Then ill ask my friend to go ask Vice Ganda para partner na partner kami.

Congratulations!  Please pick up your 2 free Adobo Run race kits at Runner’s Runner, 2/F ROX, Bonifacio High Street during ROX store hours anytime starting today.  Please present a valid ID. Thanks!