Preggy Mom Runs Chicago Marathon at 9 Months and Gives Birth 7 hours After

Wednesday, 12 October 2011  |  Bullish Insights

Amber Miller ran Chicago Marathon last October 9, 2011 in 6 hours and 25 minutes.

Get this: she was 39-weeks pregnant.  7 hours after, she gave birth to a 7.7 lb. healthy baby girl.

Read the full story HERE and HERE.


Wow.  She is one strong and determined running mommy!  I struggle with the thought of lugging two extra 8-oz bottles around my waist for 42km.  I found carrying my dearest babies in my tummy for 9 months uncomfortable and challenging.  In fact, during the last week before delivery, I refused to do anything but watch the clock until my baby popped out! Hah! Yet, here’s Amber Miller working her way through 42km on her last hours before delivery!

I’m amazed.  I’m happy that things went well for her and her baby.  And, I won’t judge her for what she felt was the right thing to do because, after all, it’s her body and she knows it best.  But, if you asked me if I would ever run a 42k at anytime during my pregnancy.  My answer would be an emphatic NO.

I love my running.  And, if I were pregnant, I would probably run 5ks to 10ks for fitness with my doctor’s approval.  But, I just wouldn’t dare risk any harm to my unborn child to run a marathon.  Marathons can wait; they will always be there for me to run.

Quite frankly, I don’t think I would survive a running a marathon pregnant, anyway—unless, of course, the hubby provided green mangoes with bagoong, foot massages, and a Lamaze coach along the way!  Okay, no, that still wouldn’t get me to do it!

How about you running mommies: would you run a 42k while pregnant?