TBR DM: 1st Weight Management Session

Saturday, 26 November 2011  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

Last November 22, 2011, TBR Dream Marathoners who had the good fortune of obtaining limited slots for the free TBR DM Weight Management Sessions with Armand and Mitch Mendoza met up for their 1st session.  The first get together was held at Jamba Juice in Bonifacio High Street.


Jamba Juice Managing Director Sharon Fuentebella gave all of us a warm welcome plus yummy Strawberries Wild samples for all the runners.  I gave a brief talk on my own nutrition and diet tips while training for a marathon.

– Sharon of Jamba Juice talks about what runners and Jamba Juice have in common: health and fitness –

Miriam Valero, a TBR DM Batch 2011 alumni shared her success story on her weight loss while training for TBR Dream.  She told us how she changed her lifestyle by increasing her activities to running and Barre 3 workouts, eating lighter dinners, and limiting her indulgence for sweets.  She talked about her once seemingly impossible goal of fitting into her 20-year-old jeans and surprised us when she said, for the first time, she was wearing the jeans she spoke of!

– Miriam Valero, TBR DM Alumni, lost almost 20 lbs with the help of Armand and Mitch –

– Miriam in her jeans. Ton talaga! By the way, Miriam and Ton met at TBR DM Weight Management Program last year. Now, they’re good friends and run buddies –

Armand Mendoza then discussed the weight management program and the goals for the entire group.  During the talks, Mitch Mendoza weighed in all of our participants and had them fill up questionnaires.

– Mitch weighs in our runners. This is so nerve wracking –

From now until marathon day, our runners will be noting down everything that enters their mouth in a food journal.  They’ll also be meeting once a month with Armand and Mitch for consultations.  Oh, I’m so looking forward to seeing all the wonderful transformations in this group!  All the best to you guys!

– with Jim Fuentebella of Jamba Juice –

Thanks too Jamba Juice for hosting our event!