Piolo to Massage TBR’s Foot After Timex Run This Sunday?

Monday, 16 January 2012  |  Race Announcements

Note: You are now entering a TBR Dream Sequence. Please play along with me for 5 minutes…

Piolo 2

PIOLO: Miss you, TBR. Hope to see you on the race this Sunday. Will you run with me?

ME: Oh P. Sorry, been busy! I’ve signed up for the Timex 16k but I don’t want any distraction from you…or your abs. (Sigh!) Care for some breakfast after the race instead?

Piolo Rio

PIOLO: I trained long and hard with Coach Rio hoping to run with you.  But, sure, I’ll settle for breakfast.  Allow me to wipe your sweat with a towel, hand you a sports drink when you cross the finish, and feed you like a Queen at a restaurant of your choice?  Please?

ME: Wait. Lemme think… I’ll only agree if you throw in a foot massage too.


I woke up from that dream, which occurred while I was getting a massage at the Riovana Sports Recovery Center (more on this soon) this morning, and realized that if I want that dream to have the slightest chance of coming true, I had to immediately register for Timex Run 2012.  So, after my session, I made my way down to Riovana and signed up for Timex Run 16k, my first race for the year 2012.

Hope to see you…and, of course, Piolo with my towel, sports drink, and massage oil!  Last day for registration is on Wednesday, January 18, 2012.

Timex Run Poster