Running. It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Saturday, 7 January 2012  |  Bullish Insights

– Image from It’s More Fun in The Philippines Website –

Picking up on the Department of Tourism’s new (and oh-so controversial) slogan for the country: It’s More Fun in the Philippines, which I, by the way, actually like because it’s simple and true (so Pinoy diba?!), I came up with 10 reasons why it truly is more fun to run in our beloved country…

– Yup, it’s more fun to run in the Philippines! –

1 – Pinoy runners talk, jump, tease, sing, dance, skip, hop, and last but not the least, laugh while they’re running.  Heck, we can do that while we’re racing!  Ever run in races abroad where runners barely speak and there’s nothing to hear but feet stomping on the ground?  Nope, not in the Philippines.  We like our runs peppered with lots of chitchat and chismis.

2 – We smile a lot. See us grin from ear to ear before we run in the wee hours of the morning even when our eyes are shut, during a run while we’re being overtaken by a dozen others, and most especially after the run while our photos are being taken.  Oh yes, we Pinoys will always have our cameras on hand for photo ops and immediate uploading to Facebook!

3 – We have huge races almost every weekend.  There’s no dull Sunday morning in Bonifaco Global City alone.  Even other first world countries ain’t got what we got.  Running is alive and kicking here!

4 – Lots of areas to run where we don’t have to worry about traffic, pollution, or security.  Some of us are lucky to run in exclusive villages, while others train in U.P., Bonifacio Global City or down South in NUVALI.  And, let’s not forget our provinces where running is growing as well: Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and more!

5 – If you do find yourself running on congested roads amidst pollution and smog almost getting sideswiped by buses and jeepneys, most of the Pinoy runners, will most likely be unfazed and will tag this as “a great adventure” that must be done again. (Okay, fine, “most” not all.)

6 – Trail running and Ultra Marathoning is growing and getting more exciting.  As a runner, you’ll have more reasons (or excuses to your boss and husband/wife) to travel to the provinces and explore the country literally on foot!

7 – We can run alongside celebs like Coach Rio, Piolo, Iza Calzado, and Karylle and pretend that, uhm, no, no, we’re not starstruck at all. What’s with the stupid grin, sweaty palms, and wobbly knees? Oh, nothing!  Just due to over excitement from the race.

8 – Tessa Prieto-Valdez and her tutus. Pure entertainment during a run.

9 – Polo Tri.  Where else can you spot a dozen or so fit and cute guys in white trisuits?  Too bad they’re fast. You only have a minute or two to ogle.  (Disclaimer:  This note does not represent TBR’s personal opinions and views.  Being a married woman, she only states as fact what she has observed from female runners in the community.  In short, she only has eyes for her husband…even if he refuses to wear a white trisuit.)

10 – Post-run meal of tapsilog.  Need I say more?

I know I missed a lot more reasons. Feel free to add below!