Gatorade Sweat Test exclusively for TBR Dream Marathoners

Wednesday, 8 February 2012  |  News + Promos

At TBR Dream, we go the extra mile to make the race extra special for our first- and second-time marathoners. And, we partner with companies and brands that have the same values. Thanks to our generous sponsors and friends as well as selfless volunteers, we get to give the best race we can possibly give to our runners.

One of our major sponsors, Gatorade, has gone out of their way to offer our TBR Dream Marathoners this: an exclusive Gatorade Sweat Test! They usually offer this test only to their high-profile athletes, endorsers, and/or sponsored teams. Experts from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute conduct the tests using strict standards. They provide the Gatorade and water for you to drink.  And, they use materials and other equipment to conduct the tests, so it can be quite costly.  Perhaps they thought little ol’ me needed some wise hydration advice last November so they conducted the test on me too! Read about it HERE.

We’re lucky that Gatorade decided to offer this to 40 of our TBR Dream Marathoners.  Wish we could accommodate all, but I didn’t win the last grand lotto.

If you are a TBR Dream Marathoner and you wish to find out about your own sweat rate and how much fluids you should drink when you run, sign up for this rare opportunity for the Gatorade Sweat Test.

Below are the details:

What: Gatorade Sweat Test exclusively for TBR Dream Marathoners
When: Saturday, 18 February 2012
Assembly time: 5:00 AM
Start time: 5:30 AM
Where: Ultra Track Oval
Fee: The test is free. But please pay for your own entrance to the Ultra Track Oval.

– Eat last main meal 2-3 hours before the test time;
– Be in Running attire but be ready to strip down to underwear in the restroom (not in public!) for the weigh-in and also for the weigh-out (bath towels needed to towel down after the test and prior to weigh-out);
– Once you are weighed in, you cannot drink from any other source except the Gatorade and Water that the staff supplies. There will be designated water and Gatorade Bottles with your names at the hydration station.
– You will be briefed on-site prior to the test. Please come on time.

1. Measure Body Weight
2. Urine Test (collection of urine)
3. 1 hour 30 minutes running on track oval
4. Cool Down
5. Towel down and Weigh out.

There are only 40 slots for the Gatorade Sweat Test. Registration on a first-come, first-served basis only. Please sign up only if you are sure that you can make it so as not to waste the slot. Click below to access the sign in sheet. Accepted runners will be posted in this blog.