Love is All Around

Thursday, 9 February 2012  |  Bullish Insights

I’m neck deep in work for TBR Dream Marathon. Man, I haven’t even blogged about my Condura Skyway experience!

I’m also way in over my head training like these crazy triathletes. Yes, I can truly say now that they are absolutely insane for training this long and often!

The past couple of weeks, while I’m trying not to swallow any more chlorinated water from the pool, losing my head in all the little details of race organizing, rushing the kids off to school, or running up a hill hoping to get my speed back, I ask myself why I put myself through all this. It would be so much easier to NOT blog, NOT organize a race, NOT train for a marathon or triathlon, NOT meet other people and just live my own happy life at home.

Then, I look in the mirror, see the person in front of me, and realize that she wouldn’t be happy living a quiet life at home. This girl’s gotta live her life to the fullest even if it results in sweat, blood, tears, sleepless nights, and perhaps (knock on wood) a few scratches from bike rides. Gulp.

So, a few minutes ago, while I was going at a frenetic pace working on my laptop as I usually do, I opened an email that made me stop and remember yet another reason why I put myself through such hell. At the risk of sounding cheesy—which must be allowed during this time of year so close to Valentine’s, right?—I realized that I also put myself out there because there’s so much good to witness in the world.  In TBR Dream alone, I already sense there’s so much love to give, share, and receive among the runners and volunteers.  What more in the world around us?

Here’s an email from a TBR DM participant. It warms my heart whenever I meet runners who truly understand the essence of TBR Dream, why we put it up and what we want to accomplish. Love is all around guys and girls! Thanks Edna!

I’m Edna Mamuyac, a participant of TBRDM 2012. I work in a Tourist Bus Company and I would like to offer one tourist bus to shuttle the participants of TBRDM on race day, March 18, 2012, for free. Our bus has a capacity of 49 regular seats and 11 jump seats. It will be up to you to make the arrangements of pick-up points and who will ride the bus. This is my way of saying thank you for being a part of TBRDM.


For those interested in the bus ride, we’ll work out the details on the bus ride with Edna and get post information on this blog soon.