Half Marathon PR at Run United 1…Not!

Sunday, 4 March 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Yup, that was my goal!  I wanted to break my PR for the half marathon which I ran at Run United 2011.  So, for the most part of January and February, Run United 1 was constantly on my mind.  I was thinking of Run United 1 when I ran my tempos, when I strength trained at the gym, and even while I ate (I wanted to lose weight before RU so I could run faster).  I was so focused on RU that I was half expecting the husband to throw a fit of jealousy over “RU” with whom I was spending too much time with.

Too bad then that, after a solo tempo run a couple of weeks ago, I felt my Morton’s Neuroma acting up again.  (I interrupt this blog post for a special message to Morton’s Neuroma: “I hate you!”)  So, as always, I backed off with the mileage and went on a mad hunt for wider shoes to keep Morton’s at bay.  As of now, the Neuromas have subsided with rest, but I’m still in search of that perfect shoe with a wider toe box before I run any distance above 10k.  (To the big running shoe brands, especially Asics, KSwiss, Brooks, and New Balance, please please bring in a few D widths for women with bunions and Neuromas like me!   Promise, I’ll buy more shoes if you do!)  For now, the only one that let’s me run short distances without discomfort are my Nike Frees.  Love ’em!

So, how was your Run United run?  Tell me because I feel like the outcast in high school who was left out of the biggest party of the year!  So frustrated was I this morning that I jumped into the pool, swam 2.2km, then had a good breakfast of pancakes and slathered it with tons of peanut butter!  Hah! Take that, Mortons!