Race Report: Salomon XTrail Run 12k

Saturday, 31 March 2012  |  Race Reports

Event: Salomon XTrail Run

Organizer: Race Mechanics
Date: March 31, 2012
Venue: Tagaytay Highlands

TBR Rating:


The 3rd Salomon Xtrail Run at Tagaytay Highlands was a record breaking event with the most number of participants at 1,000 runners. The weather was nippy yet comfortable for a trail run.

The course, both road and trail with majority on the trail, was a scenic and challenging route best for competitive trail runners or serious runners looking for an alternative to road racing. There were steep ascents and descents and some slippery and muddy portions where one had to slow down to a walk, but there were numerous opportunities to run freely through the trails.

– Elevation chart of Salomon Xtrail 12k on my Garmin –

The course was secure, well-officiated, and very organized. Ample hydration and directional signs were provided. The post-race event atmosphere was casual and fun.  Highly recommend this race!  Congratulations to Salomon for a fantastic event!


Time: 2:36:55
Distance: 12.43 km
Avg Pace: 12:38 min/km
Best Pace: 5:22 min/km

Yes, you read that right! It took us over 2 1/2 hours to cover 12km, but when you run (and walk) the trails with friends, time doesn’t really matter. We spent much of our time running through the wonderful trails of Tagaytay Highlands, grasping for vines or anyone’s hand when negotiating slippery slopes, gasping for breath when we climbed those awfully steep hills, or chatting and laughing about how slow we were going. Oh, we also cursed our good friend Neville Manaois who created the course, but forgave him as soon as we saw his rare smile at the finish line. (We love the guy no matter how much hell he gives us.) This Salomon Xtrail Run was all in good fun. A good break from the city roads and a perfect opportunity to celebrate running with friends. Now for the pictures:

– with Dr. Randy Molo, Hector and Mayen waiting for the 6am gun start for 12k –

– Waiting for the race to start. Thank you Lord for allowing the sun to rise already! –

– Check out that fog! And the road! ¬†And the weather was perfect! Aaah, I loved this race atmosphere –

– More friends on the road! Nice bumping into Bobby Cruz and birthday girl Vima (Kulit Runner) –

– The road ends and we line up for the trails. This is what we came here for! –

– Hector Yuzon of Secondwind Running Store looked so at home in the trails –

– It was great seeing so many girls on the trails! –

– One must always stop and take photos on a trail run –

– Don’t be fooled by the smile. There were steep uphill climbs that left me panting. This was definitely a challenging course –

– Yes, that’s how steep it was! We hit the road on the last 3k of the route. We thought the race was almost over. Little did we know that the longest, steepest ascent I had ever encountered was waiting for us. We walked backwards, sideways, on grass…whatever worked to bring us closer to the finish ASAP! –

So we were walking ever so slowly on the last few kilometers of our 12k run. Who else but Coach Ige Lopez overtakes us as he runs—yes, runs!—up that hill to end his 24k run! He didn’t look as happy as we did though hah! –

– Runners walking towards the finish after the steep climb –

– Last kilometer to the finish was an absurdly steep descent! –

– Walking gives you a lot of time to come up with great photos for Facebook –

– with the man to blame for the aching calves, muddy shoes, and soaked shirts, Neville Manaois –

– with friends from ROX Rain and Macel –

– with TBR Dream Marathon finisher Edwin of Runner’s Runner in the same costume he wore during TBR Dream. Remind me to wear all red compression tights next time. This guy doesn’t seem to break a sweat whether it’s a tough marathon or trail run –

– with Ian of Salomon. Congrats Salomon XTrail for a great event! –