TBR Dream Marathon 2012 Course Map and 15 Reasons Why You Should be Excited About Race Day

Friday, 2 March 2012  |  Race Announcements

Attn TBR Dream Marathoners 2012: Here’s the official course map for TBR Dream Marathon!

The TBR Dream Marathon course takes runners through a 21km loop twice to cover 42.195 km within the scenic and safe roads of NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Date: SUNDAY, 18 MARCH 2012
Assembly area: Near The Fields & Clubhouse, NUVALI Blvd., NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Assembly time: 1:00 AM*
Race start: 2:00 AM
Dream Village: Post-race Event Area at The Fields & Clubhouse
For inquiries: Call TBR Dream Marathon Hotline Look for Macel: SUN 0922-771-8014

* Please make sure you CHECK IN for the race.  During check in, you will receive the following: (These will NOT be included in race kits to ensure that none are left behind on race day)
2) Reflectorized TBR Armband to be worn during the race for your safety


Below is a close-up of the TBR DM Course Map for the Abrio-Solenad area near the Start/Finish area. After running the two loops, the runner exits Abrio-Solenad area and makes a RIGHT towards the Finish Line.


For a location map to NUVALI, please click HERE to access the NUVALI website.

Click HERE to download printable PDF files of TBR DM 2012 Course Maps.


We’ve prepared a lot of things for you on the course:

  1. Water stations – 8 water stations at approximately every 1.5km.  Oh, and there’s ice to make sure the water is cold.
  2. Gatorade stations – 8 Gatorade stations at approximately every 1.5km.
  3. Key stations – These are pumped up stations.  We have 2 key stations which will have the following: sponges, bananas, Toblerone, Tigertail, Bodivance, ice and petroleum jelly.  Yes, we think of everything!
  4. Basic First aid – Medic at every other station.
  5. Portalets along the course.
  6. Dream Mobile – Friends and family can hop on this shuttle for free to cheer for you on the course.
  7. Band and Music – We have a band at the major turnaround and music at the Start / Finish.
  8. Dream Chasers – We have 4 Dream Chaser stations with 15 Dream Chaser volunteers in each tent waiting to cheer and motivate you along the way.
  9. Secondwind Zone – At the Abrio-Solenad area, Team Secondwind will be ready to support you during the marathon
  10. Matadors and Flamenco dancers – Matadors will hand you your medal while girls in flamenco dancers (they won’t dance though) will give you a cold towel.
  11. Photos along the course.  Smile, you’ll never know who’s taking your photo.  Action shots and finish line shots will be available for download a week after the race.
  12. Finish line photo – After you get your medal, go straight to our photowall and smile again!  A photographer will shoot you with your shiny new Finisher’s Medal.  Photo will be available for download a week after the race.
  13. Dream Village – This is the first time we’re doing this!  We’ve got massage and stretching, icing, free samples along with your lootbag and Finisher’s shirt.
  14. Free breakfast – Yes, that’s right.  Get your free breakfast and dine in our Dream Village with your marathon buddies.
  15. Solenad Shuttle – NUVALI’s e-jeep can take runners and guests to and from Solenad area.

More info at our TBR Dream Send Off Party on March 8, 2012.  See you there!