TBR Dream Marathon 2012 Race Items in Photos

Saturday, 3 March 2012  |  Race Announcements

Just a few words to describe most of the items our TBR Dream Marathoners will be receiving, using, or seeing during the race on March 18, 2012…

IPICO TIMING TAG to be wrapped around the ankle and returned after use. Same as what triathlons abroad use. Runners receive this upon check in on race day.

photo (1)

TBR REFLECTORIZED ARMBAND for you to use during the race (and yours to keep after!). Runners receive this upon check in on race day.


The official uniform of our 60 DREAM CHASER volunteers that you’ll spot along the course…


The TBR DM 2012 FINISHERS’ SHIRT you will receive after crossing the finish line…


This is what TBR DREAM TEAM and TBR DM Organizers will wear during the race. Say “Hi!” or “Thanks!” or smile if you see someone in it. Most likely, on race day, none of those in red would’ve slept a wink to make sure the race goes smoothly for all of you. (If it’s me that you spot, just say: “Hoy, ganda ng shirt mo!” Kidding! But, seriously, I love how this shirt came out. My favorite so far, next to the blue cotton official TBR DM shirt you all received upon registration.)


The FINISHERS’ LOOT BAG. Yes, it’s a real bag! ┬áBrand name: Longchamp-ion. ┬áMan, I’m too corny.


Last but not the least, the FINISHERS’ MEDAL that will forever remind you of the first (or second) time in your life when you accomplished your marathon dream…

– Front –

– Back says: Where everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner. Yes, that’s TBR Dream for you! –