Life’s a Beach

Sunday, 22 April 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Everything has been fast paced for me lately, so a family trip to the beach was more than welcome.

The hubby couldn’t make it due to work, but the new BF and the trainer surely couldn’t be left behind. (Bulls suffer heavily from separation anxiety especially when it comes to new training gear.) Plan was to ride 40km on the trainer on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

As we loaded the car, I realized the bike wouldn’t fit. I also packed my running clothes, Nike Frees, goggles, and swim cap for my swim. Aaack I had to prioritize the items we were taking with us! So, I chose to bring a smaller electric fan and left one pillow behind. I wondered how my mom would fit into the car when we picked her up later in the day, but, hey, anything to ensure training continues through a vacation, right?

We made it to the beach only for me to find out that I left the skewer for the bike to fit into the trainer. Aaaargh! I wasn’t able to bike, but I did have a good morning run by the shore before everyone woke up on Saturday. Right after, I had a comfy 1km open water swim with my older brother.

– 7am. After my relaxing run by the shore –

What a great way to spend a not-so-lazy weekend at the beach! As for my date with the Shiv, we’ll catch up tonight and tomorrow.

– with the kiddos –