Swimming by 5i50 in Subic

Sunday, 24 June 2012  |  Running + Triathlon

Last month, I chose to race Tri United 2 on July 1 (next week) instead of 5i50 held yesterday, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t join in on the fun…at least in the water!

Jun and I decided to swim the 5i50 course at Subic as part of our training for Tri United 2.  We arrived in Subic’s All Hands Beach at 2PM to view seemingly calm and still water.  Looked good to me!


– A portion of the 5i50 swim course –

– Race participants checking out the course. One guy yelled: “Parang nasa washing machine!” –

Jun and I jumped in and, almost immediately, I wondered what the hell I was doing there. The waves were pushing me back and forth. We tried our best to swim in choppy water just as the other swimmers were doing. After one loop, the newbie swimmer in me declared that training was done. I had enough “fun” for one day (and swallowed enough sea water to provide my body with sodium until Ironman 70.3!)

– Jun and I –

I heard the water during the actual race was much calmer since it was the morning.  As for me, my mission was accomplished. My goal was to allow myself to swim in turbulent water in preparation for the worst case scenario in a race.  Oh yeah, this scared me to death alright!

– with Tina and Patty, my bike skills classmates with Coach Norman Pascual –

– Nice bumping into no less than Carlos, the guy behind the awesome site swimbikerun.ph –

We decided to drop by the 5i50 race briefing to wish our friends the best of luck and a safe race.  Everything from the set up, the sponsors’ booths, and briefing were impressive. I had a tinge of regret about not joining this race, then after a split second, I came to my senses, heaved a sigh of relief, and rejoiced in the fact that I still had 7 days of training before my big race. Phew!

– Spotted Secondwind-Sun Team Benny, Jay, and Lods –

– Ricky Pena of Sun and his wife Rory and my teammates Pot and Ed Inocentes –

Congratulations to all the finishers of 5i50!