Inspiring New Movie on Barefoot Running Coming Soon

Monday, 2 July 2012  |  News + Promos

Early last year, Michael Sandler and his wife visited the Philippines to promote Barefoot Running. I was fortunate enough to attend his talk at R.O.X. Even better, he wrote an article for TBR Magazine – Jan/Feb 2011 providing us with tips on barefoot running. (Click HERE to download the issue with Maricel Laxa on the cover)

I recently heard from Michael sharing some great news: Michael and his wife, Jessica, created a full length movie to inspire runners of all kinds! Here’s the trailer:

He elaborated:

“We think this will also help propel barefoot running and minimalist running forward in popularity. People always say they need to “see it to believe it,” so we’re showing them how easy, fun and exciting it can be.

We sampled a few instructional videos, especially those related to running and weren’t too inspired. So we challenged ourselves to create a video that would surpass all other how-to videos and stand the test of time, viewed again and again. So, we melded personal stories with stunning running montages and instructional pieces. It took 9 months of filming and editing on one of themost beautiful places on earth, Maui, to make the most drop-dead gorgeous movie we could. It’s 70 minutes, 17 chapters, filled with amazing running, scenery, and entertaining lessons.

It’s also filled with great music (which was harder to come by then the footage itself!). We joke and call the movie a cross between a Warren Miller skiing movie and a Chi Running DVD.

Topics include everything from the basics, to warming up, pad-development, to technique for different terrain, proper form, drills, stretching, recovery,tons of running on the road as well as the trails, plus connecting with nature, reawakening your senses, and even a special section for women. For more on chapter selections visit here:”

I’ll try to get an advanced copy of the DVD for review when it’s out in a few weeks, and maybe a copy for a lucky TBR reader soon!