Do You Want to Become a Marathoner? 15 Reasons Why You Should Join TBR Dream Marathon

Wednesday, 22 August 2012  |  Race Announcements

– My first unofficial marathon QC International Marathon 2009 –

When I crossed the finish line of my first marathon in 2009, I was changed forever. Completing a 42k, a distance that once seemed impossible, taught me that anything in this world was within my grasp as long as I worked for it. I was so overwhelmed with the experience that I felt compelled to invite anyone and everyone to run a marathon too. If I could do it, so could they. After meeting with Coach Jim Lafferty, we decided to create a marathon for beginners taking them by the hand and guiding them from day one of training until they crossed the finish line of their first 42k. That’s how The Bull Runner Dream Marathon was born.

Now on its 4th year, The Bull Runner Dream Marathon has become more than I could ever dream of. It’s the first and only marathon exclusively for beginners in the entire world. It’s received a lot of positive feedback from runners and sponsors alike, more than we could have ever imagined. It has encouraged and promoted the idea of “paying it forward” where more experienced, selfless “Dream Chasers” and volunteers give back to beginner runners who need support and guidance. And, most importantly, it has changed the life of so many runners who crossed the finish line of our race. Just like the way it changed mine.

TBR Dream Marathon is my baby, my pet project.  Together with a great team, it’s our way of making a positive contribution to this world. It’s personal for us and we make it personal for you, too. TBR Dream is not just any race; it’s a life experience we wish to share with you.

Together with TBR Dream Team—Coach Jim Lafferty, Neville Manaois, Lit Onrubia, Jun Cruz, and Macel Janeo—we invite you to be a part of TBR Dream Marathon 2013.

Here are 15 reasons why we think you should go for your first marathon with us:

1. MADE FOR FIRST-TIME MARATHONERS. We have 600 slots reserved for runners attempting to complete their first or second marathon. This race was made for the beginner from day one of training in September 24, 2012 to full support on race day on February 24, 2013. Race cut-off is generous and appropriate for 1st-timers. No prizes will be given to top finishers because “At TBR Dream Marathon, everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner.”


2. TRAINING PROGRAM BY COACH JIM LAFFERTY. To help you train properly, you will receive a 22-week Training Program developed by my co-founder and finisher of over 20 marathons, Coach Jim Lafferty.  Should you have any questions, he is just an email away.

– Our head coach, Jim Lafferty –

3. BULL SESSIONS (LONG RUNS). While most of the runs will be done on your own, once a month all participants will be invited to a Bull Session: long group runs together led by Head Coach and Chi Running instructor, Lit Onrubia. We run using the run-walk technique and you will be divided into groups so you can go at your own pace with fellow TBR Dreamers. By the time marathon day comes, most runners along the course will be familiar faces—or better yet, good friends!

– Bull Session at NUVALI for TBR Dream 2010 Batch –

4. BULL CIRCLE (TALKS). Once a month, you will be invited to talks by running experts specifically chosen by TBR because of their knowledge and competency in a particular field.  Past speakers include Sen. Pia Cayetano, Coach Jim Saret, Dr. George Canlas, Dr. Randy Molo, Christine Jacob, Hector Yuzon, and many more.

5. PERSONAL AND INTIMATE MARATHON EXPERIENCE. Due to the small number of participants, we can and will treat each one of you as if you were the only runner in the marathon. We will provide more than enough water, sports drinks, fruits, chocolates, sponges, and ice. Even our marshals and volunteers will treat you like friends.

6. SAFE & SCENIC ROUTE. Our course is in NUVALI, the new prestigious 1,700 hectare development of Ayala Land south of Manila. You can enjoy the fresh air as you run on a course with limited vehicular traffic. You’ll marvel at the scenic views of Mt. Makiling, Laguna de Bay, and Tagaytay Ridge during the marathon.

7. “DREAM CHASERS.” Experienced marathoners and volunteers (mostly TBR Dream alumni)—handpicked and screened by the race organizers—will be on standby at four Dream Chaser tents along the race course.  At any time a runner requests for help, the “Dream Chaser” will happily run a few kilometers with the marathoner to provide hydration, gels, food, or even silly jokes.  Last race they provided masseuses!

RUBY GAN escorted by Dream Chaser Peter Ros and Mitch Felipe
– Ruby Gan escorted by Dream Chaser Peter Ros (left) and Mitch Felipe-Mendoza (right) during TBR DM 2011 –

– Dream Chasers at TBR Dream 2012 –

8. DREAM MOBILE. One bus will travel along the route during the race.  Family and friends of runners can hop on the bus (with their banners, flags, and bells in hand) to cheer for their runner when they spot them along the route.

9. SECOND WIND ZONE. The last few kilometers is the hardest portion of any marathon. At this point, Team Secondwind will provide free hydration, food and of course, support to make the toughest part of the race a little bit easier and give runners their second wind as they run towards the finish line. Oh, we’re pretty sure they can make you laugh too no matter how exhausted you are.

10. FAMILY ACTIVITIES. While they wait for the runners, families and friends can dine at Solenad, a row of restaurants with Starbucks, Italianni’s, Conti’s, and Yellow Cab, that will be open for breakfast. They can opt to bring food and have a picnic or rent bikes.  Kids will get a thrill from feeding over 800 koi fish or ride boats on the lake.

11. ENTERTAINMENT. We’ll have music blasting at the start/finish line and even a band playing along the route to keep you entertained and energized.

12. PERKS & FREEBIES. You don’t just get what you pay for, but you get MORE. You get two shirts: 1 TBR Dreamer shirt and 1 TBR DM finisher’s shirt. You get automatic inclusion into TBR Dream Marathon e-Newsletter for updates on our group activities and inclusion into TBR Dream Marathon Facebook Group, and goodies from sponsors that should make your registration fee worth every cent.



13. TBR DREAM CARD. Upon registration, you receive a TBR Dream Card which provides you with discounts and privileges from our partners and sponsors. Think: 20% off New Balance items and more!

14. SEND OFF PARTY. A week before the race, we will all gather for some food, raffle prizes, pre-race briefings, and a whole lot of laughter and chatter for a TBR Dream Send Off Party that we’ll prepare for you. This is where you’ll also claim your race kit.

TBR DM Send Off Dinner-6659
– TBR DM 2012 Batch Photo during our Send Off Party –

TBR DM Send Off Dinner-6692
– During our Send Off Party 2012: with hosts Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Boy Ramos and Zeny Mejias and Lester Castillo, from Unilab Active Health, our co-presenter –

15. HELP ORPHANED CHILDREN. Part of race proceeds will go to HERO (Help Educate and Rear Orphans) Foundation.  HERO foundation provides educational stipend support to children of soldiers who are killed-in-action or are permanently incapacitated in battle defending our democracy and preserving peace and order. Learn more about it HERE.



WHEN: 24 February 2013, SUNDAY
REGISTRATION FEE: P3,000 PER RUNNER covering TBR Dream Marathon training program, 1 training shirt, 1 finisher’s shirt, TBR Dream discount card, training support for 22 weeks, 5 run clinics and 5 running talks, 1 Send Off Party ticket, race kit, loot bag, medal, and many more.


If you are a first- or second-time marathon eager to run your dream marathon, then you are eligible to reserve a slot for TBR Dream Marathon 2013.

For now, let the idea sit and think long and hard about it.  We’re going to give you the best race we can possibly give, but make no mistake about it, this won’t be a walk in the park, we will ask for your commitment and enthusiasm in return.

Check back with us within the week for more announcements on ONLINE RESERVATION for TBR Dream Marathon 2013.

Sorry but we will not entertain any inquiries at the moment. We also do not accept reservations.

P.S. This post is a rehash from last year’s TBR Dream Marathon. It really is the best way for me to explain what TBR Dream Marathon is all about!



  1. I can only run 10ks, can I sign up for TBR Dream Marathon? Yes. Our 22-week program is beginner friendly. In fact, we start with 2 weeks of walking to gradually introduce running to the newbies. The rest of the program is based on a run-walk program to be used during training.  We encourage running at a conservative pace. Having said that, we still would prefer that you don’t rush into your first marathon. You can run shorter distances this year and join our next TBR Dreams.
  2. Do we run together during the entire 22-weeks leading up to the marathon? No. We will meet once a month for the next 6 months for our Bull Sessions where we will run together. For other training days, we expect you to do your homework on your own. While this is a beginners’ marathon, we will not baby you. We do commit to guide you and provide all the support you need to make this one of the most memorable experiences of your life.
  3. How do we know we are training properly? We have gathered the best experts in the field to give you much needed information on training for the marathon during our Bull Circles, free running talks covering topics that will prepare you for the marathon. TBR Dream Team will also be there for you.
  4. I’m from the province, can I join? Yes. If you manage to reserve a slot, please email us details regarding your situation. We will allow you to send your payment and forms as long as you can make it to race day.
  5. I signed up for a 42k before but did not finish it, can I still join? Yes. As long as you never crossed the finish line of a 42km, then you may join.
  6. I finished two marathons already, but I want to join your race. Can I still join? No. The race is exclusively for first- and second-time marathoners. Our slots are limited and you’ve had your experience running your first marathon, please allow someone else to experience the same joy. We encourage you, however, to volunteer as a Dream Chaser, pacer, or cheerer. This is your chance to pay it forward to other runners. Registration for Dream Chasers and volunteers will be on January 2013.