Run United 3: Missed!

Sunday, 16 September 2012  |  Bullish Insights

I went to bed last night all set to join Run United 3 this morning. Although the RU3 32k was tempting, I “behaved” and registered for 10k strictly abiding by my training program for Berlin Marathon. Plan was to run 6k before the race and 10k during the race to complete the 16k I was supposed to run.

I woke up at 3:00AM to hear rain pitter pattering on the rooftop (as I’m sure many of you did!), but I also had the sniffles.  Oooh boy, running a race under the rain was quite risky.  (Running in the rain isn’t the wisest thing to do when you’re two weeks away from a marathon abroad ya know?!) With a clogged nose and almost half asleep, I texted a friend that I made the difficult decision to skip the race.

While I was looking forward to Run United 3 and seeing my teammates from Unilab Active Health again, I was also proud of myself for making this “wise” decision. (If you read this blog, you know from my history that, when it comes to running, I tend to make a lot of foolish decisions!)  I pulled the blankets over my head and tried to get back to sleep.

After a long 30 minutes of tossing and turning in bed, I got up and made myself a cup of coffee. Then, I spotted my training program on the bulletin board. Crap. I was missing 16k because of rain. When did rain ever stop me?! Hastily, I asked friends Ton and Lit if they were pushing through with their run at our favorite running area. When they said yes, I got dressed, dusted off my Nike storm fit jacket from the cabinet, and rushed off for my 16k run.

We ran under the rain. It was wet and wild.  (As I’m sure many of you experienced in Run United 3 too!)  I was glad I pushed myself to run this morning!

After the run, we met up with friends who actually showed up for the 21k and 32k of Run United 3 despite the rain! At least I got to vicariously experience all the fun through them!

– with Lit, JaneJane, Coach Dan and Ani Brown, Nica, and Maricel. JaneJane and Nica flew in from Cebu just for RU3! –

Hope you all had fun at Run United 3 this morning!