Part 3: Berlin Marathon – Team Pilipinas!

Monday, 8 October 2012  |  Bullish Insights

The day before the marathon, we met up with other Pinoy runners who were signed up for Berlin Marathon.

– Team Pilipinas! L to R: JaneJane, Drew, Nica, Ton, me, Lit, Chicho, Riza, Miriam, and Angel.  All of Team Pilipinas—except myself—were sponsored by New Balance for apparel and shoes –

We had our carbo-loading lunch followed by, umm, a sugar-overloading dessert feast with wonderful couple, Chicho and Riza Mantaring.  Riza is the President and CEO of Sun Life who we featured in TBR Magazine – Jan/Feb 2012 issue.  She was deep into training for Berlin when a freak accident (during Ironman 70.3 Cebu, she came only as spectator for her son but got sideswiped by a jeepney during her long run) left her injured, but she still came to support Chicho.

– Lit, Chicho, Riza, Angel, Mir, and Ton chatting about running over sumptuous desserts and coffee –

We were also joined by world marathon travelers and Cebu-based owners of the popular Leona’s bakeshop, siblings JaneJane, Nica, and Drew Ong.  The Ong siblings are the best travel and marathon companions. Super fun and, yes, super fast. We ran California International Marathon together last year.

We walked from the restaurant to the Brandenburg Gate, the marathon’s start and finish area. We covered the last few kilometers of the actual race course.

– Walking through a portion of our race course –

– Spotted fellow marathoners on the streets. Two of them carrying the race kit in front of us –

The Brandenburg Gate was a sight to behold. I couldn’t believe we’d be running the last few meters of the marathon towards it!

– with the Brandenburg Gate behind me –

– The last few meters of the marathon –

– Team Pilipinas at the Berlin Marathon –

We entered the race area to find a festive atmosphere the day before the race! There were food stalls and benches for people to eat and drink beer.

– Now, how far exactly from the Brandenburg Gate until the finish line? –

– After this, it’s 0.195 to go! –

– Eat all you want bratwurst, currywurst, and other German specialties –

– Drink all you want! –

– Aside from running, in line skating was also part of the event. Hey, hey, we women aren’t complaining! –

– Chicho, Lit, and Angel checking out the finish line –

– Ton must be saying a silent prayer for a great marathon. Or just checking out the girls near the gate –

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Thanks to Unilab Active Health for my great Berlin Marathon adventure!