Order Amid the Christmas Chaos

Wednesday, 19 December 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Who’s going crazy like me over the multitude of things to do nearing Christmas?  There are Christmas programs to watch, gifts to buy, potluck parties to prepare for, and, to top it all off, looming deadlines for work!  It doesn’t help that you can hardly get anywhere on time anymore with the awful traffic.  Bah humbug!

I must admit I’m starting to sound like Scrooge and, worse, I’m starting to look like The Grinch on bad days.  But, ironically, despite the hectic schedule, I found that as long as I stick to my training program, I find some semblance of peace and order in my day.  It’s actually what has gotten me through the past weeks!

Here’s how my homemade training program looks:

  • Monday: Bikram yoga or rest
  • Tuesday: Run
  • Wednesday: Bike
  • Thursday: Run
  • Friday: Bikram yoga
  • Saturday: Bike
  • Sunday: Long run

I’m currently on off-season mode (Waah! Did I just say that? I’m starting to sound like them triathletes!), so my program isn’t too serious at all.  But, I have been sticking to it fairly well because it keeps me sane while I try to survive in this crazy world of mine.

So, while I try to help out Santa figure out how to get my daughter’s gift (She asked for a gift that isn’t available in stores anymore because “Santa can make everything!”), may I remind you not to forget your regular workout these coming weeks despite the holiday festivities.  It’s what’ll keep you happy, sane, and, most importantly, fit enough to welcome the coming year!