Xterra Triple Crown 2013 and Our First Pinoy Crusaders

Friday, 8 February 2013  |  News + Promos

Here’s something from my good friend Hector Yuzon who, with his teammate Raffy Zamora, aim to be the first Pinoy athletes to complete the Xterra Triple Crown. It’s their dream to finish this and, in doing so, they also hope to fulfill the sports dreams of underprivileged children. May you can help! Read on!


XTERRA TRIPLE CROWN 2013: First Philippine Crusade

Since the birth of Xterra in the Philippines back in 2011, Raffy (being a mountainbiker) was instantly hooked. I was introduced to the sport a year later after him. Personally, if Xterra was a person who walked into a bar, my instant thought bubble would be: i knew you were trouble when you walked in.

Both Raffy and I have a big passion for the outdoors and endurance sports. And Xterra providing both in one exhilarating event was just a dream come true. 1.5km open water swim in itself is difficult, 35km mountainbike is no joke. If at first you think this distance is too short – well, ride it before you say it. And you finish it all off with a heart pumping 10k trail run, this is just WOW.

Chasing the Dream

I have been imagining of participating and dreaming of being the first Filipino to complete the Xterra Triple Crown. Only to find out that my teammate Raffy was also dreaming of the same thing. Brothers from another mother, we are.

The Triple Crown is participating in all 3 Xterra events in 3 different countries (Philippines, Saipan and Guam), all roughly a week apart from each other. No Filipino has done it yet, so since Raffy and I will be the first, this may be setting a Philippine record! We are both scared, as we both know that recovering will play a huge factor for us to finish and complete the Triple Crown, within a respectable time. Good thing, Health Food and Shotz is there to make sure our nutrition plan is in check.

Confidence through Sports

Sports has given so much to me and Raffy. We made new friends along the way, and have opened doors for our careers and created great opportunities for the both us. Through sports, we both grew up as assertive and driven individuals, and having said that, we would like to create these same opportunities with less fortunate kids.

Donate your Sports Equipment for Underprivileged Kids

We are opening the doors of Secondwind and Health Food stores to accept donations of cash or in kind in the form of new or old (but still useable) sports equipment (shoes, apparel, soccer ball, badminton rackets, volleyball nets, etc). Together with one of our partners MyPhone, we will be distributing these in rural areas – who knows, maybe that kid who receives a pair of shoes, or that badminton racket becomes motivated and driven in life and becomes our new government servant, or a successful leader of an NGO.

For those who do not know yet what Xterra is, here is a video of the Xterra World Championship 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlIP2PgTkHE