Happy Birthday, Rasselle!

Friday, 12 April 2013  |  Bullish Insights

It’s not very often that I get to play cupid. So, when I received an email from runner, Gerry Lita, requesting me to post a surprise greeting for his wife, Rasselle, who he paced during the last TBR Dream Marathon, I gladly obliged.

His note follows below. To Rasselle, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  (And, congratulations for having a hubby who was willing to run 42k for you and tell the world—or at least our running community—how much he loves you!)


Hi Miss Jaymie,

My wife ran in your race (The Bull Run Dream Marathon) and in days she will be celebrating her birthday (April 17).

I plan to give her a surprise greeting if this will be feasible with you. My plan is if its okay if you post the attached teaser in your Blog.

I want to tell her how much I love her and also the kids. Without her care, passion and tender love for us we will be at lost. I want also to tell her even if we seldom go out just the two of us, she is always in my heart… being treasured every day of my life.

thanks again and best regards,

Gerry Lita