TBR Magazine: Matteo Guidicelli for Triathlon Issue

Tuesday, 30 July 2013  |  News + Promos

Pick up our latest issue of TBR Magazine with Matteo Guidicelli on our cover!  This is our Triathlon Issue so we thought it best to feature up and coming triathlete and showbiz celebrity, Matteo.  Read about how Matteo got started with triathlon, what his favorite sport is among the three (clue: it starts with an R), and how Xterra Hawaii challenged him.

TBR July-Aug RevisedLow

This is my favorite shot of him taken by photographer Maui Hidalgo of Blacksheep Manila.


More inside our triathlon issue:

– So Now You Want to Tri by Coach Andy Leuterio: triathlon for beginners
– Fit to Tri: Triathlon Gear
– Shoes on Fire: New running shoes in the market
– Events: 2013 Run United 2, Enervon HP Triman Triathlon, Nat Geo Earth Day Run, Vaseline Men Xterra Mud Run
– 2013 Exterra Triple Crown: The First Philippine Crusade by Hector Yuzon

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