Forty Freakin’ Two 5th Year Commemorative Shirts

Wednesday, 29 January 2014  |  News + Promos

It’s going to be our 5th year for TBR ULAH Dream Marathon this coming Feb. 16, 2014!  That’s pretty big for us!

To commemorate our 5th year anniversary, we have produced limited quantities of our favorite Forty Freakin Two shirts which we sold (quite briskly!) last year.  For 2014, we’ve got the black/yellow again, but now with a new color, white/orange too.

These FFT commemorative shirts will have the special 5-year TBR seal on its arm sleeve.

Shirts will sell for P600 on the TBR ULAH Dream Send Off Party on Feb. 6, Thursday at Unilab Bayanihan Compound.  They will be sold beginning 6:00 PM. They come in Women’s and Men’s sizes. No reservations will be accepted.

Non-participants of the marathon may purchase the shirts during the Send Off Party but will not be allowed to enter the event. Sale of shirts is open to everyone. One need not be an alumni or a registered participant of the event.

After the Send Off Party, the shirts will be sold at the Dream Village on race day.