Protect and Tame Your Hair (While Running!) with Vitress

Wednesday, 13 August 2014  |  News + Promos


Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the Vitress Catwalk event at Bonifacio High Street. Vitress, the country’s number one hair cuticle coat and hair polish, introduced their endorsers to the press: model and actress Solenn Heussaff, fashionista and TV host Kim Jones, and volleyball superstar Gretchen Ho.




Guests like me got to play fashionista for a day by walking on the catwalk as huge fans tossed our hair around in all directions. Before we even got to panic, we ended up at the Vitress station with their Vitress ladies to place the hair product on our unruly hair. Vitress comes in 3 variants: Strengthening to prevent split ends and breakage, Long-Lasting Fragrance to keep hair smelling fresh throughout the day, and Sun Protect which has a Sun Defense System to protect the hair from the sun’s harsh rays. While it was evening, I still chose Sun Protect because I wanted to test it.  I think Sun Protect is a fantastic idea for athletes like you and me who spend so much time under the sun.  The effect on my messy hair was magical. After placing Vitress, all the frizz, fly-away hair, and tangles were tamed and it didn’t even have that heavy, sticky feeling. They say that it deeply penetrates your hair so that it also moisturises your hair.  (Yet another great idea because my hair is freakin’ brittle and dry from all the workouts!) After that, we got to do a hairfie with our “Vitressified” hair!




Now, before you think I’ve crossed over and turned fashion blogger on you (just the number of my running shoes vs. high heels will tell you where I belong!), I was actually invited to the event to cover athlete Gretchen Ho who, I must admit, upon seeing and hearing her speak for the first time, was a breath of fresh air. She’s a mix of brains, beauty, and brawn and it’s great that she’s pretty cool and humble about all the attention too. When asked about how she felt about being chosen as Vitress endorser, she said: “I’m happy and grateful to be chosen as one of the newest endorsers of Vitress. I’ve been using this product for my hair problems and it’s such a delight that I get to share this hair secret with everyone now.”


Gretchen also said that, with her active and on-the-go lifestyle, it’s important for her to have a quick solution. So, on normal days, she applies the Vitress Sun Protect Hair Polish to protect her hair. But, when she has a game, she uses the Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat to keep my baby hair in place with my ponytail. Okay, okay, got that.

So, ehem, next time you see me on the running on the road and I don’t look as disheveled, then you can easily guess why!