10 Tips for Running Under the Rain

Friday, 19 September 2014  |  Running + Triathlon

Hood2CoastSoaked at the Nike Hood to Coast 2009 in Oregon. One of my most memorable runs under the rain

Combine the wet and wild weather with your unwavering desire to just keep on running and you’re most definitely going to end up sloshing around in your running shoes quite often this season.  Since I’ve had my fair share of running under the rain in my running career (and I must say 9 out of 10 times I utterly loved it!), here are my 10 tips for running in the rain:

1- Wear running or triathlon shoes that have drainage holes in them to release water.  K-Swiss and Zoot usually have them.

KswissKruuz My Old Kswiss Kruuz

2- Bring one or two extra pairs of socks and a complete change of clothes to change into during breaks in case you get too soaked.  Needless to say you should have dry clothing to change into after the run as well!

3- If you’re prone to blisters, tape your toes.  Make sure the tape is secure because with wet feet, the tape peels off easily.

4- Bring a light running rain jacket. Don’t bring your typical raincoat as this can be quite heavy when wet and, worse, noisy during the run.  Running jackets are designed to provide good ventilation, remain lightweight even when wet, and won’t make that annoying swishy sound with every step.

GuamSoaked at the Guam Koko Road Race in my favourite Nike Storm-Fit jacket

5- Lather on the petroleum jelly everywhere to prevent chafing.  If you’re a woman, the area around your sports bra is prone to chafing. Place under your arms, between your thighs, and even on your toes.


6- Place your electronics such as iPod, cellphone, and car keys into a sandwich bag to keep them safe.

7- Wear a cap. Just like Mom used to say: Cover your head if you don’t want to get sick!

8- If you can, wear clothing with reflectorized areas to ensure you’re visible to vehicles.  New Balance has reflectorized shirts.  Nike has a reflectorized vest.  You can also use reflectorized bracelets or buttons often given out at our local races.

9- After the run, insert old newspapers into your wet shoes to absorb the water. Do not dry them under direct sunlight.

10- Drink some hot chocolate preferably with churros or heated ensaymada for your post-run recovery meal.  The chocolate drink is great for recovery (warm Enervon HP works for me!) and is just perfect for rainy weather.  The churros and ensaymada is purely optional, but I highly recommend you take my advice.


Photo: truvia.com