From Morning Person to Night Owl

Friday, 18 September 2015  |  Bullish Insights


I always thought of myself as a morning person.  There’s something about getting up before the rest of the world awakes.  I like the stillness, the silence, the calm before reality begins.  I especially love morning runs, getting up before the break of dawn and witnessing the sun rise from the road.  Running in the morning sets up my entire day.  It allows me to be more focused, gives me more energy, and compels me to eat well (because sayang naman ang workout!)

Last month though, I took on a new role as a part-time marketing consultant so my weekly schedule changed.  I have two days in a week where I’m confined within office walls all day.  Now, I couldn’t possibly miss workouts nor could I miss out on being with my kids in the morning, so there was only one solution: working out at night.  Gaaah! For this morning person and creature of habit, this was a bit unnerving and worrisome.

Last week, I hopped on my bike trainer after arriving home from work. I could smell dinner cooking in the kitchen and the kids were doing their homework.  Usually, I’d be resting at this time (read: stalking people on instagram lol.)  Hmph. I seriously dreaded this evening ride.  After a tough Sufferfest ride for an hour though, I was quite surprised to realize that I enjoyed it. I felt great!  It was just as fulfilling as a morning workout, but, beyond that, I felt like a night ride wiped away all the stresses of the day and prepared me for a good night’s sleep.  Soon, I’ll try running at night too, but probably on the treadmill since it’s safer for me.

Lesson learned?  Sometimes change isn’t all that bad.  No matter how old you are, you can always reinvent yourself.  From work at home mommy to part-time corporate executive, from a morning person to a night owl.