Finding Balance with Artificer

Wednesday, 1 February 2017  |  Bullish Insights, Gear + Gadgets


I wake up each morning (except Monday rest days!) to workout after dropping the kids at school and before heading to work. I try to eat clean, drink lots of water, and keep stress at a minimum. I pretty much think that I live a healthy and clean life.

But then I read about the health risks that our gadgets and electronics can bring us and I suddenly question how safe I am. According to experts, our mobile phones, televisions, ipads, laptops and other electronics deregulate the bioelectric flow in our bodies and can leave us feeling dull and tired.

What can we do to protect us? That’s where Artificer, a line of innovative accessories with patented AERO technology, comes in. They say it aids in rebalancing and regulating the body back to its most effective and natural state.

How do the products work? Artificer bracelets and necklaces use AERO technology that uses a variety of natural rare mineral properties in perfect proportions to do three things:

1+ Regulates the Body’s Bioelectricity – Artificer reduces the effects of electromagnetic interference on our bodies from electronics. When the body’s bioelectricity is effectively regulated, not only are our muscles more relaxed, our body’s reactions become smoother and controlled.

2+ Releases Vitamins of the Air-Anions – Electronics and appliances all neutralize the anions in our environments and fill it with positive ions (Cations) which cause fatigue, stress and a general tiredness to our bodies. The AERO Technology in Artificer releases vitamins of the air—anions which can maintain the body’s health.

3+ Emission of Far Infrared – Far Infrared can cause capillaries to expand and improve the body metabolism. Artificer users have a 14.8% increase in their blood flow which helps to improve the operation of the microcirculation systems and metabolism in their bodies.

I’ve been wearing mine since December.  I can’t claim to have experienced any significant changes in how I feel, but I do know that I’m wearing (literally) a sense of security and protection from the hidden dangers that lurk around us.  It a pretty bracelet to wear too which isn’t bothersome nor heavy so I don’t mind wearing it at all.  Perhaps I’ll get a couple for my kids, too!

Artificer is available at all R.O.X. stores nationwide. For more information about Artificer, visit