Let’s Talk about Poop… and my new Squatty Potty!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017  |  Gear + Gadgets

As a runner who engages a lot with beginner runners, I have often been asked this question, some ask it matter-of-factly as if it was a business dealing while others giggle with embarrassment as soon as the words leave their mouth. The question is: “How do you get yourself to poop before an early morning run?” There are other variations to the poop question: “Do you poop before a run?,” “What do you do if you feel like pooping at a race?,” “Can I eat fiber before a marathon or will that make me poop?” Aaaanyway, my point is, for the past decade I’ve been running, I almost always get a poop question regardless of how embarrassing it may be to bring it up mainly because poop is a serious matter especially for us runners and health enthusiasts.

Experts say that the healthy frequency for pooping varies per person, but it can range from pooping once every three days to pooping three times a day. I don’t know about you, but taking care of this business first thing in the morning always leaves me feeling healthy for the rest of the day and lighter before I start my workout. It’s simply one important aspect of our overall health.

Poop chart. Source: Healthworks.my

A few weeks back, I received a Squatty Potty to help make the experience even better haha! The Squatty Potty is a product that allows the user to go into squatting position while seated on the toilet to let the muscles relax and allow the colon empty quickly and completely. Experts now say that sitting at 90 degrees on a toilet, the way we’re all accustomed to for years, blocks the flow of waste.

My kids and I have been using the Squatty Potty for a few weeks now and we love it. In the beginning, it took a bit of getting used to to do our business in squatting position. (I’m more used to doing squats only at the gym, ya know, lol)  But, it didn’t take too long for us to feel comfy with our new bathroom buddy. Now it feels more natural and more comfortable with our Squatty Potty! The product is a bit bulky on its own, but then it fits perfectly around the bottom part of the toilet and isn’t too much of a bother. It’s durable, easy-to-clean, and non-slip too. We highly recommend it!

Oh, before I go, in case you’re curious about the questions above.  Here are the answers:

  • “How do you get yourself to poop before an early morning run?” – Wake up a full hour early to have a light breakfast or a cup of coffee, relax, and do your business without the need to rush.
  • “Do you poop before a run?” – Yes.  Always.  Cannot leave home without ticking this off my list lol.
  • “What do you do if you feel like pooping at a race?” – Slow down and pray that you spot a portalet soon.  If none, your next alternative is a gas station, public toilet, or restaurant that you can run into.  If you’re starting to get chills or feel like fainting, stop and inform a medic, marshal or a friend.
  • “Can I eat fiber before a marathon or will that make me poop?” – I would stay away from fiber such as whole grains the day or morning before a marathon just to be safe.  I don’t mind having fiber for a regular run workout though.

The Squatty Potty is available at Make Room & More, MC Home Depot, and Landers. For more info, visit www.squattypotty.com.