Baguio Adventure

Monday, 24 March 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Just got back from our annual Baguio family trip…


But, this one was different. It wasn’t about lounging around at the hotel while the in-laws went on a golfing marathon. It was all adventure, adrenaline, and pure fun.

Like real miners, we put on our gear…


and bravely ventured into the dark and eerie Philex mines.


We took the kids horseback riding (where my daughter and I could’ve slid off a hill were it not for the quick hands of the guide),


played in the park,


and joined the Easter Party (where Anton found the black egg to win him the 3rd prize).


We even had time for a day-trip to the beach in La Union.


Last but not the least, I ran 5k twice through the roads of John Hay amid the cool, crisp, fresh air of Baguio. The first run was with the hubby and my sister-in-law. We ran at different paces but enjoyed every bit of it nonetheless. The second time, I ran on my own. It was a smooth and fun run—no pain from my knee, no pressure about the time—just me and my great big smile against the refreshing Baguio background. Amazing!