R.O.X. and Outdoor Kinetix Now Open in Baguio

Tuesday, 3 April 2012  |  Gear + Gadgets

If you’re going up to Baguio this Holy Week, drop by these two brand new stores in the summer capital!


Outdoor Kinetix is a new outdoor lifestyle store which offers products for various sports: running, cycling, swimming, hiking apparel and footwear as well as nutrition (Gu, Hammer Nutrition and soon, PowerBar gels and chews).  For runners, triathletes, cyclists and other outdoor aficionados looking for a store in Baguio where they can get their gear, nutrition and even tips on where to ride, run or workout.




The people behind the store: JT Gonzales – a triathlete, mountain biker, motocross rider and adventure racer.  He lives and breathes the outdoors.  David de Leon – an avid mountain biker and knows the trails of Baguio by heart. Raoul Floresca – marketing executive for a large distribution and retail company by day, sports entrepreneur by night, and triathlete on the weekends. Oh, he’s a TBR Dream alumni too!

Address: Abad Santos Drive, Burnham Park, 2600 Baguio City. Beside the City Library, very close to Kisad Road, where a lot of hotels are located.
Mobile: 09175855350


The biggest outdoor sports and recreation hub in Southeast Asia is now open in Baguio!




Address: Cluster C, Ayala Technohub, Camp John Hay, Baguio!
Phone: (074) 2447593

Baguio Day One: Camp John Hay Run

Friday, 9 April 2010  |  Running + Triathlon

We were to spend 4 days in Baguio for Holy Week. I packed 5 sets of running clothes. Just to be sure, right? Running in cool weather—with the El Nino heat of Manila—was an opportunity that this runner wanted to take full advantage of.


I run in Camp John Hay every single time I’m in the City of Pines. But, this being the first time that I’ve visited Baguio completely injure free; I had the liberty to roam the camp and go where my feet took me.

-Entering Camp John Hay –

From Baguio Country Club where we were booked, hubby and I ran towards Camp John Hay. We took our regular path in the Camp making an immediate left after the guard house, which is a steep and long uphill, more torturous than the deadly McKinley Hill that we urban runners are used to. I know that this hill is where many of our elite athletes run their intervals. An ex-National team member friend of mine said that they used to run 30 reps up this hill. Hubby and I could hardly catch our breath when we reached the top. No reps, just one climb!

We rolled down towards Mile Long and attacked more hills as we ran towards the Manor. We made our way toward the other gate of Camp John Hay passing Figaro and the horseback riding area. We decided to stay within the confines of the Camp and turned around at the end, where the other gates was, and proceeded towards the mini golf. It was a pleasure to run in the secured residential area where the Baguio cottages always make me want to abandon the city and live in this city instead. We passed by the Pet Cemetery and made a mental note to tour the kids there later on.

– Love these roads! –

We ran down again towards the Manor passing Mile High.  We then took a deep breath and attacked another uphill climb as we made our way towards Starbucks and Cantinetta. It was here that I decided to just walk and enjoy the view of the golf course on both sides. Upon reaching the top, we entered another residential area. This is where hubby and I parted ways as hubby cut his run short to rest before our long run the following day.

– Entrance to one of the residential areas we ran in –

I completed a total of 10km. As I was making my way out of the village heading back to Baguio Country Club, the guard told me: “Ma’am, iniwan ka an ng kasama mo!” Pleased with my run in such beautiful scenery, I replied with a smile: “Okay lang. Mahaba pa takbo namin bukas.”

NEXT POST: DAY TWO: 20KM around Baguio City

Baguio Break

Monday, 5 April 2010  |  Bullish Insights

It was just what I needed to refuel.  A long break from the chaos of the city and even the world wide web. For the first time in a long, long time, I kept my mac locked in its bag…and I didn’t miss it at all.

The past days in Baguio was just what I needed to remember that I should always live in the moment. To be fully present in my kids’ lives without thinking of errands that must be done or work that must be finished. To spend more time with the hubby without the children in tow. To run without worrying about pace nor distance and having the time to stop and smell the flowers (or pines)…

We had such a grand time at Baguio I almost wish I wasn’t back in Manila just yet…

– Some cross training for the little Bull Runners at the mini golf in Camp John Hay –

– Only The Bull Golfer was foolish enough to wear all black and not have her hair up in a ponytail at a mini golf –

– Par or PR? –

– As requested by Li’l Miss TBR –


– Swimming at the heated pool of Baguio Country Club is always a must –


– They say musical chairs is a good calorie burner… –


– …and so is hunting for Easter Eggs –


– Li’l Miss TBR found the silver egg and won a brand new Barbie doll for it –


– Of course, no trip is complete without a run! I ran a total of 30km in Baguio. More on this in tomorrow’s post –

Baguio Bliss

Tuesday, 14 April 2009  |  Bullish Insights

You know you’re a runner when part of the excitement over an upcoming trip comes from the chance to run a new route, to give your feet the opportunity to experience something extraordinary.  Nothing will stop you, not a hectic itinerary, an injury, nor lack of sleep.  The vacation will be worthless without the run.

This was how I felt as I packed for my Baguio trip last Wednesday.  I couldn’t wait to run up the hills of Camp John Hay again.  But, at the same time, my excitement was mixed with much trepidation as (and I haven’t told you this yet) my heel was still bothering me from Condura.  My PT said it was almost tib-post tendonitis (almost being the operative word) and it was only a matter of time before I would be well enough to run again.  In the meantime, he wrapped my heel to my shin with kinesio tape to deload the muscle.  He allowed me to run but only if there was minimal pain.



– View from our cottage –

Hubby and I woke up to a chilly Baguio morning, just perfect for a morning run.  Our cottage rested on top of a hill so getting down to the main road was a good downhill warm up.  He went ahead to run towards Camp John Hay, while I had to hold myself back and go for a long, boring warm up to make sure my heel was alright.  After 400m, I found myself inside Camp John Hay too.  As I walked up a steep hill just after the gate, I remembered the elite runners last year doing their hill training with their Coach.  How I wished I could do the same!  Grrrr!  As soon I reached the flat roads, I slowly increased my pace.  Less than a minute after, I slowed to a stop; the heel pain was back.  I walked my way back in a grumpy mood thinking Teacher’s Camp, here I come.


If I couldn’t run, then I would turn to my second love, swimming.  By 6:30 a.m., I was at the pool of Baguio Country Club.  Just seeing their pool, which was heated by the way, completely erased my depression from the previous day.  I jumped into the lap pool and swam over 1000m.  I got lost in my thoughts and my happiness that I forgot to count. Then, I slid into the jacuzzi for 10 minutes of complete rest and relaxation. Heaven!


– Heated lap pool at Baguio Country Club –


– Jacuzzi by the lap pool –


It was time for my second test run, this time at the track.  Hubby, my sister in law and her husband, and I went to the track oval at Teacher’s Camp.  There were around 20 runners—a mix of leisure runners, serious, and elite, judging from their appearance.  There was even a sheep who probably could outrun me! 


– Track oval at Teacher’s Camp –


– with hubby and the in laws –


– I hope they get this portion fixed –

The weather was perfect for speedwork, but of course, I had to be content with whatever easy run I could have.  I walked 2 rounds and gradually increased the pace.  After a series of walks and easy run intervals, I managed to run 600m without pain at around 6:30 pace!  Oooooh, it was enough to make me happy.  I quit at 3k with a smile.  Things were looking up.

Not content with a 3k run, I asked hubby to drop me at the club.  I put on my wet swimsuit  (have you ever tried sliding into a wet bathing suit on a cold day?  I did—and I don’t recommend it) and I jumped into the heated pool again.  The initial discomfort was a small price to pay for the great 1000m swim!


Due to my incessant yapping about the heated pool, the in laws and my kids had to see it for themselves.  So, by the same afternoon, I got into my wet swimsuit yet again and swam with my future triathletes (I’m crossing my fingers here!)


– Little Bull Runners hamming it up for the cam with their cousin –

Sure, the runs were bad, but time spent with family plus great swims made up for it. I figured the awful runs aren’t worth crying about; I’ll have another chance to run the hills of Camp John Hay again. In fact, I might just be up there again in a couple of weeks…


– Ready, set…go! –

Back From Baguio

Sunday, 12 April 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Aaaah, back from a 5-day trip in the City of Pines.  It was supposed to be a vacation, but work beckoned so most of my mornings were simply bonding moments with my laptop looking out at the golfers from the verandah of Baguio Country Club.  The rest of the time was spent with family fulfilling all the kids’ wishes.

Nope, I didn’t abandon the blog.  I had actually posted twice, but with the changes going on behind the scenes, there are still some things we have to fix.  Anyway, I have a lot of stories to tell about my failed test run at Camp John Hay, my slightly fulfilling 3k run (with only slight pain) at the track of Teacher’s Camp, plus my oh-so blissful swims at the heated pool of Baguio Country Club.  Heaven!

How was your Holy Week? (We’re back to regular programming so feel free to comment!)