Chi Running Workshop: Learn How to Run Efficiently and Injury Free

Sunday, 22 November 2015  |  News + Promos

ChiRunning® is a revolutionary running technique that promotes energy efficient and injury free running through proper body alignment and balance. Run and Walk like you’ve never done before by learning to move your body the right way! The workshop topics include Posture, Lean, Ankle Lift, Arm Swing, Stride Length and Cadence, and Hills.

There will be a Chi Running Workshop on December 5. Full details below:

Date: December 5, Saturday
Time: 6:00 to 9:00 am
Venue: TBD (either Ultra, Pasig or BGC, Taguig)
Regular Rate: 2,500 per person
Special Rate for TBR Dream 42k Batch 2016 participants: Php1,600 per person (Please present your TBR Dream Card on the day of the workshop)
Instructors: Certified Chi Running Senior Instructors Lit Onrubia and Cliff Eala

Please direct all inquiries to Chi Running (not here). To reserve a slot:

  • email:
  • mobile: 0916.314.0822
  • twitter: @litonrubia

TBR Dreamers Treated to a Chi Running Workshop by New Balance

Saturday, 15 December 2012  |  News + Promos

Thanks to New Balance, forty TBR Dreamers were treated to a partially sponsored Chi Running Workshop by certified instructors Lit Onrubia and Cliff Eala from Forward Lean Running.  The workshop was held last Saturday, December 8, at the newly opened The Athlete’s Foot at Bonifacio High Street.

Runners learned proper form and technique so that they could run more efficiently while avoiding injury as they progress with their marathon training.

– Lit Onrubia discusses the basics of Chi Running –

– Cliff Eala demonstrates the importance of engaging the core –

– Planet Sports President and TBR DM participant Anton Gonzales and wife Mia, 2nd time TBR DM participant, join the workshop –

– Lit demonstrates proper lean –

– Runners practice how to run using proper form –


TBR Dream 2013: Chi Running Workshop sponsored by New Balance

Thursday, 22 November 2012  |  News + Promos

Good news to all TBR Dream Marathoners 2013!

New Balance will be sponsoring a Chi Running workshop for Dream Marathoners 2013.  For only Php500, join a full Chi Running workshop taught by certified instructors Lit Onrubia and Cliff Eala (the usual price of this workshop for TBR DM participants is discounted rate of php1600).

Event: CHI RUNNING WORKSHOP exclusively for TBR Dream Marathoners 2013

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2012
Time: 6 to 9 am
Venue: The Athlete’s Foot flagship store at the new Bonifacio High Street

– Limited to 40 participants only. First come, first served basis only.
– Participants should be registered in TBR Dream Marathon 2013. No guests or friends will be allowed.

Registration fee:
– Php500 must be deposited by the runner to reserve the slot.
– Full bank details to be provided by Forward Lean Running

Other details:
– Snacks and drinks will be served, and participants will receive a special discount coupon to The Athlete’s Foot.
– This is a special Chi Running workshop sponsored by New Balance for TBR Dream Marathoners 2013.
– This is not an event of TBR Dream Marathon, hence TBR and organizers of TBR DM will not entertain special requests to accommodate more runners, extend registration, or provide complimentary registration.

Call or text Ina of Forward Lean Running
– Mobile 0915.638.5801
– Email her at

Thanks New Balance and Forward Lean Running!

Intro Session on Chi Running with Lit Onrubia

Friday, 15 January 2010  |  Bullish Insights

During the holidays, hubby and I, together with the winners of the Chi Running contest, met up for two 2-hour sessions of Chi Running with Lit Onrubia at Bonifacio High Street.

– Class Picture: Drew & Angela, Emilee & Eric (Running Beyond Air), Macky & Iah, and Lit. My partner, the hubby, took the photo –

During the two sessions, Lit gave us a background on Chi Running: how it began with its founder, Danny Dreyer, its basic principles and benefits. Lit said that Chi Running focused on three main principles:

1) needle/cotton approach – power comes from the core and the rest of the body remains relaxed during a run,

2) work with nature – allow gravity to propel your body forward, and

3) natural progression – one doesn’t become a master of Chi Running overnight but will learn it through consistent practice and application.


Lit’s talk was clear, comprehensive, and very enlightening. Once a university professor, he was very articulate and professional during the session, yet he maintained an informal, light, and fun atmosphere throughout the class.


He demonstrated the basic starting form for Chi Running and emphasized the following:

1) Get aligned

2) Engage your core

3) Create balance, and for the exciting part and one that Chi Running is known for…

4) Fall forward

He then asked us to do a number of drills to help us learn how to practice the needle/cotton approach and how to fall forward with a post as our partner. In the beginning, the drills felt awkward and elicited giggles among us, but all these made much more sense when we went out for a run.


In the first session, we ran easy around Bonifacio High Street applying everything we learned. Lit would focus on each one of us at a time, correcting our form, reminding us to focus on our feet all the time.

The 2nd run session was much more fun as speed was involved. We ran down a slight downhill, learning to lean forward in order to increase the pace without feeling spent. By pairs, Lit would run along with us, reminding us to open our hips and push our arms backward. We also learned how to run at a consistent cadence, no matter the speed by adjusting our stride.


This is not a panacea for all your running problems.  And I don’t think Lit nor its founder, Danny Dreyer, ever claims it to be.  One doesn’t also get the perfect Chi Running form overnight.  It takes patience and practice, not just during the sessions, but long after the lessons end.

Is it worth it?  I would say yes if you give high importance to your running.  To me, anything that can help me improve in my beloved sport and prevent injury is worth my attention.  It already made a world of difference in my Cebu Half Marathon, where it was definitely Lit’s teaching that helped me run my descents with less fear and more ease so that I broke my PR.

During one run last December, I was fortunate enough to experience the zen-like feeling of Chi Running where I just focused on my feet, relaxed the rest of the body, and I truly felt one with the road and the wind pushing from behind. The leaves rolled forward along with my feet, and as I watched them sweep past me, I took a deep breath and recalled the reason why I fell in love with running in the first place. With Chi running, I can only look forward to more experiences like this.


1) RUNNR ACADEMY will have its 1st CHI RUNNING CLINIC on January 20, 2010 (Wednesday), 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM at the Activity Area fronting RUNNR. Click HERE to download details.


2) New Balance will have its own sessions too.

3) For independent sessions with Lit Onrubia, contact him at 0917-537-6870 or

3 Winners of Free Slots to Chi Running Session

Thursday, 24 December 2009  |  News + Promos

Why did I put myself through this on Christmas eve?  I didn’t realize how hard it would be to choose winners among the over 20 runners that sent comments that humored me or tugged at my heartstrings.  I wish that I could just make all of you win!  Anyhow, after several minutes of reading and re-reading, I chose these three winners for various reasons…

Runningbeyondair because I empathized with their suffering from injuries:

Me and my wife are into running for more than a year already and we have experienced a lot of injuries. I believe chi running will help us eliminate, if not reduce, the probabilities of us getting injuries during our long runs.

Angeli because of her enthusiasm (reminds me of how I was 2 years ago):

Sentence #1 – Because I’ve been lucky enough to have read this post 16 minutes before the closing time of the contest, so I’ll probably be lucky enough to get a slot!
Sentence #2 – I’m a beginner CHInese runner who’s interested in learning how to become a better runner, and I’ll be a CHIrful and enthusiastic participant for both seminars

Iah because he’s a fighter and I want him to run many more injury-free marathons:

I am a runner who is currently battling asthma and cardiac dysrhythmia but despite these odds I have already done 2 full marathons and still aiming to do more. I hope this Chi technique can enhance the way I run so I can perform better.

Congratulations to the three winners! Lit Onrubia and I will see you and your partner on December 28, 2009, Monday, 6:30pm in front of Runnr and Mizuno at Bonifacio High Street.  Please comment below to confirm your attendance.  If you cannot make it, please send a couple to take your place.  If you cannot find a replacement, kindly inform me so I can choose another winner.  See you then!

Thank you to all those who participated in the Chi Running contest!  Merry Christmas to all!