TNF 100 Press Launch

Wednesday, 22 April 2009  |  Race Announcements

So many people are looking forward to this run, myself included. So, when I received the invitation for the press launch of The North Face 100, I made sure I was there. The press launch for the upcoming TNF 100 was held this morning at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street. 

WHAT: The North Face 100 Trail Run
WHEN: May 23 to 24, 2009
WHERE: Sacobia, Clark
DISTANCE: 10k, 20km, 100km relay, 100km solo
REGISTRATION: Started last March 16, 2009, Limited slots only

I had the pleasure of meeting Ben Ryan, product development manager of TNF, who started the press conference by introducing The North Face, the company, it’s products, and it’s commitment to caring for its athletes.  He spoke of the three endurance races that were being rolled out this year as well as the series of TNF 100 races throughout Asia.  


– Ben Ryan of TNF –

Ben went on to say that Filipino running community is among the most passionate in the world.  It caught the attention of TNF and, as such, beginning this year, all prototypes for trail and endurance products of TNF globally will be tried and tested by no other than the Pinoy Ultra Runners.  These products will not be seen by the rest of the world for another couple of years.  (Woah, methinks we should all befriend a PUR member now to get a glimpse—or even just a sniff of these brand new gear.)

The next speaker was Neville Manaois, Pinoy Ultra Runner team principal and technical consultant for the upcoming TNF 100.  He gave a basic introduction to trail running and discussed essential gear, such as trail shoes and hydration packs.


– Neville of Pinoy Ultra Runners discusses hydration packs –

Lastly, Jundel Llagas, marketing manager of TNF, gave a brief talk as well.


– Jundel of TNF –

After the talk, we were all invited to partake of a mini “trail run” within the confines of R.O.X.  The course started at the bottom of the 1/F stairway, which was enshrouded by a canopy of leaves and vines, and made its way up to the 2/F where the runner would climb up a slightly rough uphill ramp and then run down again its steep and rocky portion.  After that, you would have to rush across the entire 2/F to end your run, which was timed by the way.


– See, who says you can’t run while carrying your purse and shopping items –


– If I had a hard time on this decline, how the hell do I survive TNF then? –

My short climb up and down that ramp was my first taste of a rocky trail run.  I have to admit.  I’m a chicken when it comes to trail runs.  But, this TNF 100 has truly piqued my interest.  I met Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Lara Parpan shortly before leaving and, after discussing my concerns about trail running, she said “I have a feeling I’m going to see you there.”  I nodded my head, “Uh huh, I think so too.”  Let’s see!


– with Jay (Prometheus Cometh), Marga (The Changeling Child), Vimz (Kulit Runner), Jundel (TNF), Neville (PUR), Ben (TNF), Vince (Finish Line), Ben (Photovendo), and Christian (Botak) –

New Balance Power Race 2008 Race Results are Out

Wednesday, 19 November 2008  |  Race Announcements

New Balance Power Race results can now be downloaded at eXtribe’s website. Click here.  Get your race bib number ready because results are arranged in that order, not by time.

According to the site, results are “unofficial.” Hmm, with the RFID timing chip and three full days after the race, I would’ve thought our time for at least 25k would be official already. Oh well, no biggie. I’m a happy camper.

My official time for 25k was 2:34:35, a little over my Garmin’s 2:33:10.

* Thanks DATC for the heads up.

New Balance Power Race

Monday, 17 November 2008  |  Race Reports


Organizer: Extribe
Overall rating (5 highest): 4

– use of RFID timing chip for 25k runners
– challenging course
– portalet at 12.5k turnaround 
– medals for all finishers plus other goodies
– separate race days for kids/5k and 10k/25k 

– ample supply of 100 Plus and mineral water bottles at water stations
– good number of race marshalls at certain areas
– accurate mile markers at every kilometer
– bananas and fluids at the finish
– NB recovery and photo booths
– pretty accurate measurement of distance (Garmin measured course at 25.14km)

– high traffic to check in at race start
– late starting time
– mistakes at awarding



– NB booth where runners lined up for extra loving care from therapists –

The New Balance 25km at Clark yesterday will be one of the more memorable races for me. It was the farthest I had ever run and, despite my fears and anxieties, it was, by far, the most fun I had ever had in a race. Excellent weather conditions (it was cool and cloudy all throughout with a bonus light drizzle at the start), fun and entertaining personalities among 25kers, a great job by race organizers, plus my better-than-expected performance (not that I had such high standards) contributed to making this race unforgettable for me.

According to my Garmin, I crossed the finish line at 2:33:10 with an average pace of 6:06 min/km, a great time for me because my training runs have all been at a much slower pace; actually, my only goal was to end the race without injury.  Here are the highlights of my race:

Zen dinner: We shared an early pre-race dinner with JunC and Jay and the rest of our families at Zen, just across the hotel.  It’s nice to know that, as much as we love running, for this training group, family still comes first.

NB_Dinner at Zen

Meeting other running bloggers: I met ibanrunner, high altitude, miraclecello, and run unlimited on race day. It’s always great to meet other runners, but even better to come across those who love it so much that they must tell everyone about it.

Bonding with family: The weekend trip to Clark was enjoyable for the kids, but it was also a great bonding experience for hubby and I since it was the first out of town race we were running together.  Hubby ran his first 10k which, as I mentioned to Mark, was of his own free will (and passion); nope, I didn’t have to force or even subtly persuade him (hehe) to register. 

NB_Jaymie 10miguel

– The hubby was my photographer, sponsor, and (as seen in photo) support as I was about to stretch my quads –

Running with JunC for the 1st half: Our plan was to run a 6 min/km pace. Jay decided the night before to run at a much faster pace while Dindo stayed close behind. During the 1st few kilometers, JunC and I managed to stay within our goal pace but, as soon as we reached the downhill portion, we upped the tempo to 5:30 for around 5km as buffer for the expected slow uphill climb on our way back. JunC and I make a lot of pre-race plans but part of the fun of running with him is agreeing mid-race that we should trash those plans and run faster…haha.

NB_Jaymie 01
– That’s JunC and myself – 

Potty Break: Before the race started, Ting had informed me that there would be a portalet that awaited female runners at the 12.5k mark. Thank God, I told her. All throughout the run, I (and perhaps other female runners) were tormented by the sight of numerous male runners having easy access to pee breaks anywhere on the road. Aaah, life is unfair. By 9k, I needed to go badly and I was praying Ting was right.  As we climbed the slight uphill in Fontana toward the turnaround, I caught sight of the portalet and did my business at world record time. Hallelujah!

Running with Mark P. and Renz: I bumped into Mark and Renz shortly after my bathroom break. Time flew as I ran with them—almost like running with Tito, Vic and…errr…I am certainly not Joey so scrap that idea. There was a lot of laughter and nonsense talk to keep ourselves entertained. A bonus from Mark was the technical race tip he gave which I will never ever divulge to anyone. (Mark, I tried it in the last few kilometers, and yes it works!)

NB_Jaymie 04
– with Mark and Renz –

Running with Coach Rio and Dra. Doray: As luck would have it, I did find Coach Rio and his hair as I had initially planned. I ran with him and Councilor Doray during the last kilometers of the race, which included the 4km climb that all of us dreaded early on. Coach Rio was his usual funny and talkative self (even if I could barely respond), but he also checked in on us often asking how we were doing.  Thank you Coach and Doray!

Last 2km: So, I ran this behind Coach Rio and Dra. Doray and, as they started speeding up, I wondered if I should (or could) do the same. There was barely enough time to think, so I just ran with my eyes practically closed. It was one of the toughest and longest runs for me—ever. Ack, I wanted to yell out and ask Coach Rio if the finish line was really “malapit na” as he had repeated over a hundred times, but I didn’t have the energy to talk. Soon enough, we crossed the finish with a large crowd cheering all finishers and it felt awesome; I couldn’t have been happier that I pushed myself to the limits.

NB_Training group1
– Our training group: Jay (Prometheus Cometh), Dindo (RunningDATcom), JunC, myself plus the hubby –

NB_Jaymie 09with annie

– with hubby, Annie who won 1st in her age category with a time of 2:05 accdg. to her Garmin, and JunC –


– Councilor Doray (Doralicious), Nina, Wayne (SFRunner), Coach Rio, hubby, myself, Vimz, Mayen, and friend –

– with the Cougcat Family of racers –

– with Missy, and super fast running partners, shirtless Ben and Joms –

Congrats to all the finishers! It was a fun race!  Congrats to race organizers as well!

Thank you to Jay (X59) and Jun, Mariel & Bea for some of the photos!

All Roads Lead to Clark

Saturday, 15 November 2008  |  Race Announcements

My bags are packed, well, they’re overpacked with double of everything for running, more than enough Sports Beans and Power Gels to carry me through an ultramarathon, and our New Balance Power Race bibs with extra sets of safety pins.  Talk about being sigurista.

Despite this, I’m seriously anxious about running 25km even if it’ll just be a training run for me.  I don’t feel prepared since the farthest I’ve ever run is 20km just a few weeks ago. It helps to know that I’ll be running with my usual training group—lead pacer JunC, Clark expert Dindo and ever the entertainer Jay—at our agreed upon pace of 6 min/km.  Even more comforting to learn a few nights ago that Coach Rio will be running at the same controlled pace too.  So, I figured we just have to focus on his crazy hair, which can be considered a celebrity on its own, and that should lead us straight to the finish line.  Sounds like a good plan, right?  Wish us luck.

See you at Clark!