TNF 100 Press Launch

Wednesday, 22 April 2009  |  Race Announcements

So many people are looking forward to this run, myself included. So, when I received the invitation for the press launch of The North Face 100, I made sure I was there. The press launch for the upcoming TNF 100 was held this morning at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street. 

WHAT: The North Face 100 Trail Run
WHEN: May 23 to 24, 2009
WHERE: Sacobia, Clark
DISTANCE: 10k, 20km, 100km relay, 100km solo
REGISTRATION: Started last March 16, 2009, Limited slots only

I had the pleasure of meeting Ben Ryan, product development manager of TNF, who started the press conference by introducing The North Face, the company, it’s products, and it’s commitment to caring for its athletes.  He spoke of the three endurance races that were being rolled out this year as well as the series of TNF 100 races throughout Asia.  


– Ben Ryan of TNF –

Ben went on to say that Filipino running community is among the most passionate in the world.  It caught the attention of TNF and, as such, beginning this year, all prototypes for trail and endurance products of TNF globally will be tried and tested by no other than the Pinoy Ultra Runners.  These products will not be seen by the rest of the world for another couple of years.  (Woah, methinks we should all befriend a PUR member now to get a glimpse—or even just a sniff of these brand new gear.)

The next speaker was Neville Manaois, Pinoy Ultra Runner team principal and technical consultant for the upcoming TNF 100.  He gave a basic introduction to trail running and discussed essential gear, such as trail shoes and hydration packs.


– Neville of Pinoy Ultra Runners discusses hydration packs –

Lastly, Jundel Llagas, marketing manager of TNF, gave a brief talk as well.


– Jundel of TNF –

After the talk, we were all invited to partake of a mini “trail run” within the confines of R.O.X.  The course started at the bottom of the 1/F stairway, which was enshrouded by a canopy of leaves and vines, and made its way up to the 2/F where the runner would climb up a slightly rough uphill ramp and then run down again its steep and rocky portion.  After that, you would have to rush across the entire 2/F to end your run, which was timed by the way.


– See, who says you can’t run while carrying your purse and shopping items –


– If I had a hard time on this decline, how the hell do I survive TNF then? –

My short climb up and down that ramp was my first taste of a rocky trail run.  I have to admit.  I’m a chicken when it comes to trail runs.  But, this TNF 100 has truly piqued my interest.  I met Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Lara Parpan shortly before leaving and, after discussing my concerns about trail running, she said “I have a feeling I’m going to see you there.”  I nodded my head, “Uh huh, I think so too.”  Let’s see!


– with Jay (Prometheus Cometh), Marga (The Changeling Child), Vimz (Kulit Runner), Jundel (TNF), Neville (PUR), Ben (TNF), Vince (Finish Line), Ben (Photovendo), and Christian (Botak) –