Safety Buddy for Condura Skyway Marathon 2013

Saturday, 2 February 2013  |  Race Announcements

With every marathon, there’s always a risk of a medical emergency. We should never ever forget that. For Condura Skyway Marathon, it’s nice to know they’ve prepared for it. Here are friendly safety reminder from Ton Concepcion of Condura to ensure your safety during this weekend’s race. See you there!

Dear Runners,

Introducing – “Safety Buddy”. Your safety is our number 1 concern.

For 2013, we will be implementing the biggest and most comprehensive emergency quick response plan yet. But with even close to 1,000 race officials this Sunday, we cannot watch out for every one of the14,000 runners who will be running over different portions of the 32km long Skyway.

That is why we call on you to volunteer as a “Safety Buddy”.

A “Safety Buddy” is a runner who helps out a fellow runner in times of need. We all know that runners never run alone during a race and therefore the runner beside would be the best person to provide immediate assistance. You can become a “Safety Buddy” by following these guidelines in case you or a fellow runner needs medical assistance:

1. Contact the nearest visible race official and seek assistance. (They can be identified by the race official t-shirt and race ID’s)

2. If there is no visible race official nearby then call the Skyway Emergency numbers: (Applicable to those running with cellphones.)

Please save these numbers on your cellphones. (We encourage you to bring your celphones)

Hotline: 02-776-7777
Globe: 0917-539-8762
Smart: 0999-886-0893

Please provide the following information:

a. Your location – Go to the nearest LAMP POST on the center island and read the LAMP POST NUMBER that is marked in yellow.

This will inform medical officials where you are. Lamp post on the Skyway are spaced an average of 130 feet apart.

b. Give the Race Bib number of the runner that needs assistance

c. Give your name and phone number.

We also would want to remind our runners of the following IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS.

1. Be sure you are sufficiently trained and are in tip-top shape for the race distance that you are joining.

2. Fill up the ICE at the back of your race bib (ICE = In case of emergency)

3. Have a nutrition and hydration plan and be sure to stick to it.

4. Race within your limits and if you need medical assistance please approach any race official. Pace yourself!

5. Bring a back up hydration belt and extra gel just in case. Remember to never try anything new of race day!

Quick over view of Medical and hydration plan.

1. There are 25 hydration stations spaced an average of 2km apart. Summit water will be served at all stations. 100 plus shall be served only in all hydration stations on the Northbound lane (13 stations of 100 Plus).

2. For 42k runners, there will be 3 Banana stations located approximately at the 22km, 29.4km, 36.4km mark

3. There will be portalets at every hydration station.

4. Lifeline, the premier provider of Emergency Quick Response service will be our medical partner. They will have 13 ambulances with 25 medical tents spaced 2km apart on average with 200 medical personal spread 250 meters apart in between the tents.

Remember, even if there are safety buddies, race officials and medical personnel to assist, SAFETY FIRST BEGINS WITH YOU! Run safe and have fun!

Sincerely yours,

Ton Concepcion – Founder and Chief Event Officer

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012  |  Race Reports

Date: Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012
Venue: Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang

TBR Rating:

Apologies for the eight-day late race report, but for a race this huge, better late than none at all.

One of the most anticipated races of the country, the Condura Skyway Marathon 2012, turned the South and the Skyway into a grand runner’s playground at the stroke of midnight.

The race set-up was impressive with each wave (runners were segregated into waves, much like the New York City Marathon, to reduce traffic on the narrow Skyway entrance) starting before the Skyway Alabang entry while runners and spectators witnessed the gun start from above. The excitement—or anxiety—was palpable as runners of all shapes and sizes gathered for one of the must run races of the country. The race hosts, main host Noel Zarate and the host for  each wave start, did a great job in keeping the energy high for the event.

– Race start for a wave of 10k runners –

– Oooh, how exciting –

– Spectators watch from the top, myself included after I finished my 21k –

Needless to say, the highlight of the Condura Skyway Marathon was, er, running on the Skyway. The course took runners of all distances on the Skyway unlike in past years when only longer distances had the pleasure of running on higher ground. The weather was cool, even cold, at times on the Skyway. Marshals, medical teams, water stations, kilometer signs, and portalets, the basic requirements of a race, were available. Noticeably lacking were sports drinks that, for 21k, were only present at the turnaround and 15k. Except for this, the race was outstanding and well executed. The Skyway was, as expected, traffic free, clean, well-lit and reserved for runners to run to their heart’s delight.

The Condura-Filinvest Village was a grand set up that provided runners a place to eat, recover, mingle, and celebrate with others. Runners were given lootbags, free bananas, and impressive medals that one could truly be proud of.

To Ton and Patrick Concepcion, Event King, Neville Manaois, and the rest of the Condura Skyway Marathon team, congratulations on yet another outstanding race!


As for my run, there’s little to say about it. I registered for the half marathon; it was to be my first 21k for the year.

Just like the years that have passed, Condura is usually the race that jolts me out of the long, slow mode of running that started December and manages to extend itself until February. (Raise your hand if you’re with me!) I’m almost embarrassed to admit that instead of racing it, Condura turns out to be my test race to check my current fitness level. Most of the time, it’s Condura that flashes the “uh oh” sign and gets me revved up to train harder for the rest of the season.

– with Amela and Gladys May. Photo courtesy of Gladysmay Pascua-

At the assembly area, I got to chat with Anton and Mia Gonzales, Ton Gatmaitan, Cong. Gilbert Remulla, Tristan Choa, Rovilson Fernandez, and Sen. Pia Cayetano. (Wow, everyone really showed up for Condura regardless of the gun start time. For our 21k, race start was an early 3:00 AM.)

My first 16k was uneventful. It was fast and I pushed hard.  Uhm, maybe too hard for my unprepared legs…

– Skyway fun! Photo courtesy of Ken Mendola –

I ran with ease until, all of a sudden, my legs suddenly felt heavy. Simply put, I bonked. I couldn’t push any harder. Worse, I started getting chills and I felt dehydrated. I realized I lacked salt in my body due to my healthy diet the past weeks and knew I needed to drink Gatorade to replenish, but there wasn’t any. So, what was the best thing to do aside from drinking water? I walked and enjoyed the view. Isn’t that why we run on the Skyway? Hah!

I managed to pick myself up intermittently through the last few kilometers and run sprints every now and then. But, for the most part, it became a run-walk race for me until the end.

I crossed the finish line at 2:16 with a pace of 6:31/km. Not bad and not great either.

– with friends JaneJane from Cebu (she finished 4th! Congrats Jane!) and Rovilson. Photo courtesy of Spongebob Runner –

What was good though was what followed after. I met up with friends, most of whom ran the 42k, for a breakfast buffet at Bellevue to celebrate.

– TBR DM Batch 2012 Meet up. I missed it! Waaah! Photo courtesy of Ken –

– The people I run (and eat) with. Congrats to Miriam (PR!), JunB, JunC, and Lit for their marathon finish! –

Cramming for Condura

Saturday, 5 February 2011  |  Bullish Insights

Talk about cramming.  It’s 8:50 PM the day before the race and it’s only now that I’m downloading the Condura Skyway Marathon Runner’s E-Handbook for details. (Click HERE to download the comprehensive —and impressive—Condura Runner’s E-Handbook)

Suffice it to say that this week left me with little time to prepare for the race and just enough time to recover from my fever last Monday.  It’s definitely going to be more of a training run for me tomorrow (as it is for a lot of our TBR Dream Marathoners!) rather than a serious race—unless a full week with Jeff Galloway has some magical effect on my speed!

See you on the Skyway!

All Systems Go for Condura Skyway Marathon

Friday, 17 December 2010  |  Race Announcements

This is what I wrote about Condura Race in 2010: “If Condura Run hopes to remain as one of the best races in the country, it must step up its offerings next year and inject newer, fresher ideas to compete with world-class local races that runners will definitely see this year.”

And, after the bloggers briefing about the race and going through Condura’s E-reg system, this is what I have to say about Condura’s upcoming race in 2011: “Goodbye Condura Run, Hello Condura Skyway Marathon! Leeeet’s run!”

For 2011, Condura is definitely pulling out all the stops to make their race one of the biggest and best events of the year.  Their tradition of running for a cause continues—this time, P50 goes to the dolphins of Bohol with the rest of the proceeds donated to other beneficiaries.  By 2012, Condura hopes to be the premier marathon event in the Asia-Pacific region. (Challenge for Condura is how to make tourists see and feel the culture of the country if they’re up on the Skyway 90% of the time….but I’m sure the Concepcion brothers will figure that out!)


You can check out the Condura Skyway Marathon website, which is just wonderfully made by the way, to learn more about this much anticipated event in the running world. They enumerate 12 reasons why you should join the race (e.g., 3inch medals for 42k, cool shirts, tons of freebies, etc.)—not that a lot of people need convincing.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t joining this race.

For me, Condura Skyway Marathon is a must-run event for me every year. Here are my 5 reasons why I’m definitely joining:

1) I have fond memories of Condura. In 2009, this was where I launched The Bull Runner Magazine.  Last year, Condura Race was my first official local marathon. And it was a PR at that. It was made extra special because my best running buddy Annie came home from Singapore to run it. We ran side-by-side on the Skyway.

– with my irreplaceable running buddy, Annie-girl! –

2) Route is simple and relatively fast. It should even be faster now without that awful Condura Hill. (Oooh the memory of that steep ascent still sends chills up my spine!)

3) Coach Rio de la Cruz is the race director. By far, RunRio’s races are the most well-organized events in the local running scene from marshaling to traffic management, there are rarely any mishaps anymore.  (Hey, Rio’s my friend but I remain unbiased and I speak the truth!)

4) Race organizers Ton and Patrick Concepcion are runners who will toil away for months on end to deliver a bigger and better Condura event each year. Ton says he is the only runner who hasn’t joined the Condura Skyway Marathon!  (How can he when he’s so hands on managing his own race?)  Ack, I can’t wait to run the race this year.

5) I need a goal. And THIS IS IT!


At the bloggers’ dinner hosted by Condura, we were briefed about the race and then treated to a special surprise. We were brought to the Condura Kiosk right in front of Asics, the race’s official shoe sponsor, and were guided through the convenient and efficient race registration system.

– Bloggers register. Say hi Bards (Banana Running)! –

Here’s how Condura’s E-registration goes:

1) Register online. Or, you may also register at the computers provided in the kiosk. Print out the confirmation form.

– Hubby keys in his information –

2) Submit at the Condura Registration center. Pay the fee. Sign the waiver.

– Staff checks the printout and collect payment at Step 2 –

3) Present confirmation stub and claim race shirt and bib.

– Vener claims his shirt at Step 3. He gets a free Hershey’s bar too! –

– Nice shirt, Condura! Logo was designed by Team Manila –

I allowed everyone else to register as I bit my nails and pulled all my hair out over the huge decision I had to make: Was I going to register for a 21k or a 42k?

At the very last minute, I decided to go the conservative route: 21k.

– with Jun (The Solemates), hubby, Ton Concepcion, and his daughter –


I woke up the following day and felt like crap.  I couldn’t get Condura out of my mind.  My brain told me I did the right thing in registering for 21k.  But, my heart told me otherwise.  I waaaant to do the 42k!  This requires some deep pondering among good running buddies over a long run this weekend and a tapsilog breakfast.  Let’s see!

Condura Registration Opens on Dec 15

Sunday, 12 December 2010  |  Race Announcements

A Note from Ton Concepcion of Condura:

Dear Runners,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in opening registration.  We are implementing an electronic registration system for your convenience and data accuracy.  This system will enable you to register at and pay and pick up the race kit and shirt at the Condura Skyway Marathon Registration Center in Greenbelt 3.  We also have an online payment option with delivery to your door step.  Our information technology supplier is hard at work even on this Sunday conducting final quality assurance tests to ensure the system is reliable.  They have advised us that the system will be up and running by midnight December 15.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.