All Systems Go for Condura Skyway Marathon

Friday, 17 December 2010  |  Race Announcements

This is what I wrote about Condura Race in 2010: “If Condura Run hopes to remain as one of the best races in the country, it must step up its offerings next year and inject newer, fresher ideas to compete with world-class local races that runners will definitely see this year.”

And, after the bloggers briefing about the race and going through Condura’s E-reg system, this is what I have to say about Condura’s upcoming race in 2011: “Goodbye Condura Run, Hello Condura Skyway Marathon! Leeeet’s run!”

For 2011, Condura is definitely pulling out all the stops to make their race one of the biggest and best events of the year.  Their tradition of running for a cause continues—this time, P50 goes to the dolphins of Bohol with the rest of the proceeds donated to other beneficiaries.  By 2012, Condura hopes to be the premier marathon event in the Asia-Pacific region. (Challenge for Condura is how to make tourists see and feel the culture of the country if they’re up on the Skyway 90% of the time….but I’m sure the Concepcion brothers will figure that out!)


You can check out the Condura Skyway Marathon website, which is just wonderfully made by the way, to learn more about this much anticipated event in the running world. They enumerate 12 reasons why you should join the race (e.g., 3inch medals for 42k, cool shirts, tons of freebies, etc.)—not that a lot of people need convincing.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t joining this race.

For me, Condura Skyway Marathon is a must-run event for me every year. Here are my 5 reasons why I’m definitely joining:

1) I have fond memories of Condura. In 2009, this was where I launched The Bull Runner Magazine.  Last year, Condura Race was my first official local marathon. And it was a PR at that. It was made extra special because my best running buddy Annie came home from Singapore to run it. We ran side-by-side on the Skyway.

– with my irreplaceable running buddy, Annie-girl! –

2) Route is simple and relatively fast. It should even be faster now without that awful Condura Hill. (Oooh the memory of that steep ascent still sends chills up my spine!)

3) Coach Rio de la Cruz is the race director. By far, RunRio’s races are the most well-organized events in the local running scene from marshaling to traffic management, there are rarely any mishaps anymore.  (Hey, Rio’s my friend but I remain unbiased and I speak the truth!)

4) Race organizers Ton and Patrick Concepcion are runners who will toil away for months on end to deliver a bigger and better Condura event each year. Ton says he is the only runner who hasn’t joined the Condura Skyway Marathon!  (How can he when he’s so hands on managing his own race?)  Ack, I can’t wait to run the race this year.

5) I need a goal. And THIS IS IT!


At the bloggers’ dinner hosted by Condura, we were briefed about the race and then treated to a special surprise. We were brought to the Condura Kiosk right in front of Asics, the race’s official shoe sponsor, and were guided through the convenient and efficient race registration system.

– Bloggers register. Say hi Bards (Banana Running)! –

Here’s how Condura’s E-registration goes:

1) Register online. Or, you may also register at the computers provided in the kiosk. Print out the confirmation form.

– Hubby keys in his information –

2) Submit at the Condura Registration center. Pay the fee. Sign the waiver.

– Staff checks the printout and collect payment at Step 2 –

3) Present confirmation stub and claim race shirt and bib.

– Vener claims his shirt at Step 3. He gets a free Hershey’s bar too! –

– Nice shirt, Condura! Logo was designed by Team Manila –

I allowed everyone else to register as I bit my nails and pulled all my hair out over the huge decision I had to make: Was I going to register for a 21k or a 42k?

At the very last minute, I decided to go the conservative route: 21k.

– with Jun (The Solemates), hubby, Ton Concepcion, and his daughter –


I woke up the following day and felt like crap.  I couldn’t get Condura out of my mind.  My brain told me I did the right thing in registering for 21k.  But, my heart told me otherwise.  I waaaant to do the 42k!  This requires some deep pondering among good running buddies over a long run this weekend and a tapsilog breakfast.  Let’s see!