Win a New Bike with Enervon Activ!

Thursday, 25 June 2015  |  News + Promos


So you want to Exceed Yourself?  Some runners choose to run longer distances or run faster, others venture into trails, while some get into duathlons or triathlons.  If you’re part of the latter and you’re pining for a new bike, Active Health and Enervon Activ will help you do just that! (more…)

Enervon Activ 226 Bohol Triathlon Registration Now Open

Thursday, 24 July 2014  |  Race Announcements


To all experienced triathletes out there, the country’s longest triathlon, Enervon Activ 226 Bohol Triathlon in Panglao, Bohol set for December 6, 2014, is now open!  Limited slots available. (more…)

Beat Sports Fatigue with Enervon Activ

Tuesday, 11 December 2012  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

As runners and triathletes, we are constantly testing our limits and training hard to improve our performance.  There are times, however, when we overtrain and push so hard that we experience exhaustion and fail to train or race the way we planned.  This is called sports fatigue.

Boo to sports fatigue!  I’ve experienced this quite a number of times already in races that I’ve trained so hard for.  You wake up excited for a race that you hope to PR in, but, during the race, something goes wrong: your legs feel like lead, you tire out too early in the game, and nothing—not gels, music, or a push from a pacer—can make you move as fast as you hoped for.  Perhaps you trained too hard the past week, you lacked sleep because of a looming work deadline, or the kids kept you up.  Whatever the reason, you’re bummed out and you can’t figure out how to avoid this again in the next race.

What to do?  Well, first, you probably have to follow a good program.  Get advice from a coach who can help you peak in time for the race, not before or after.  It’s not always about pushing yourself hard during every workout.  Second, eat and sleep properly at least a week before race day.  Lastly, try taking supplements that can provide you with energy.

Enervon Activ is a new product from Unilab Active Health which helps athletes beat sports fatigue.  Together with popular race organizer and runner Coach Rio de la Cruz and triathlon couple and coaches Dan and Ani Brown,  I’m happy to spread the word about Enervon Active to runners and athletes.  See our video below.